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The Forefather project was born in September 1997 in Surrey, England by founding members and brothers Athelstan and Wulfstan. The aim was to create powerful and epic Metal tributes to their Anglo-Saxon ancestors


Name: Wulfstan
Instruments: Guitar, Bass, Voice
Current Playlist: Cannibal Corpse "Kill", Bal-Sagoth "The Chthonic Chronicles" 1349 "Hellfire", Primal Fear "Seven Seals"

Name: Athelstan
Instruments: Guitar, Bass, Keyboard
Current Playlist: Obtest "I Kartos I Karta", Nile "Annihilation of the Wicked", Primordial "The Gathering Wilderness".

The Forefather project was born in September 1997 in Surrey, England by founding members and brothers Athelstan and Wulfstan. The aim was to create powerful and epic Metal tributes to their Anglo-Saxon ancestors, straight from the heart and of the highest quality. Song-writing began immediately for what was to become their debut album "Deep Into Time" and in true underground fashion it was recorded in August 1998 at their home-studio "The Croft" and released in March 1999 by their own label Angelisc Enterprises. The album was well-received by the underground Metal press and by this time album number 2 was already beginning to take shape.

It wasn't until a year later though that "The Fighting Man" was recorded, between the months of May and August in 2000. Thanks to an improvement of the equipment at "The Croft" the sound this time around was much improved and the already evident originality of the duo's music was taken to new levels. The album was released in October 2000, again by Angelisc, and once more the reaction from magazines was very positive.

Also during 2000 a limited edition album "Legends Untold" was released by Germany's Millennium Metal Music label. It featured 5 demo recordings, including the never-before-heard "The Fyrdmen Cometh", "The Paths of Yesterdays" and "These Lands". The "Deep Into Time" recording of "These Lands" (left off the final master) and a synth rendition of Ancient Voice (from "Deep Into Time") completed the tracklisting.

Athelstan and Wulfstan next entered the studio in September 2001 to record their 3rd album "Engla Tocyme" (The Coming of the English). Work was completed in November and after a small delay Angelisc released the album in March 2002 along with a re-issue of "Deep Into Time" featuring brand new artwork and bonus-track "These Lands". "Engla Tocyme" saw Forefather's unique style brought ever more to the forefront with all the power and passion one has come to expect. Songs such as "Into The Forever" and "Fifeldor" once again attracted Forefather the praise and acclaim they deserved.

The quality and maturity of "Engla Tocyme" was not lost on the guys at Hammerheart Records (now Karmageddon Media), who contacted the band in 2003 with a deal offer for the next Forefather opus. After some consideration and negotiation, the Brothers accepted the deal, and the next stage of the Forefather story was born. After spending most of 2003 writing for album number 4, Autumn brought the recording sessions for what was to become "Ours Is The Kingdom". After the more mellow sounding "Engla...", the guys wanted to inject a dose of old school rapid riffing alongside the newly fine-tuned melodic and epic style. This combination created the most exhillerating Forefather album to date, with more on offer in twelve tracks and a 60min running time than any previous effort. Songs such as "The Shield-Wall" and Proud To Be Proud" prove that there is no let up in the battle to create the most rousing of anthemic Heathen Metal. Lyrically "Ours..." carried on from "Engla..." in exploring the Anglo-Saxon past of England, this time taking it even more in depth. Wonderous artwork by Chrille Anderson was the icing on the cake to this epic musical journey, and once again reviews were extrememly positive. Thanks to improved distribution and promotion on the new label, the Forefather style has been brought closer to the limelight and attracted the praise of many worthy publications. The only way is up from here.

2004 also saw the re-release on Karmageddon Media of all the previous albums (Deep Into Time, The Fighting Man and Engla Tocyme) with 2 bonus tracks and enhanced artwork.

Since the release of "Ours..." Forefather have collaberated with numerous musicians on the Folkearth CD "A Nordic Poem" (with the song "Rhyming With Thunder") as well as featuring on the Perverted Taste Bruzum tribute CD with their version of "Beholding the Daughters of the Firmament". Recording for their second Folkearth track, to be featured on the second album "By the Sword of my Father" has been completed and has so far gathered high praise. Wulfstan will also provide vocals to a second track entitled "Scaldic Art". The near future will also see the release of a Falkenbach tribute CD featuring the vocals of Wulfstan on the track "HeathenPride".

A bonus for 2005 has been to see Forefather on vinyl for the first time thanks to Eisenwald Tonschmeide Records in Germany, who released the "Deep Into Time" Limited edition LP with brand new bonus track "A Hearth Companion's Pride" (recorded specially for the LP), additional artwork and pull-out poster.

Currently the duo are completing songwriting for album number 5, and planning to start recording before the Summer is over. The songs are stronger than ever and it promises to blow the socks off anyone who doubts the power of Anglo-Saxon Metal!

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