I didn't realize Brokeback Mtn. was shot near Calgary! Cool. Guess I'll have to watch it now! I'm not big on chick flicks, even gay ones but after all the hype, I guess I'll whip up some popcorn and check it out.

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PINCHER CREEK, Alta – How much would you think a rusty, beat up 1950 GMC truck would be worth? Quite a lot if it appeared Brokeback Mountain, one of last year’s most recognizable movies.

That’s what Alberta teenager Matthew Kennedy found out when he realized the truck he bought at auction was driven by Jack Twist, played by Jake Gyllenhaal, when he meets Ennis Del Mar, played by Heath Ledger, at the start of the film.

Kennedy, who had planned to fix the half-ton pick-up for himself, decided to put the truck up for auction on eBay when he saw how much attention the film was garnering. "The movie was getting a lot bigger and I thought I could sell it and put away the money for school," he told Reuters.

Bidding has reached over $15,000 US so far, almost double the $8,000 starting price, fueled by the ties to the film.

The movie, centering on the furtive love affair between two cowboys, was shot in the Alberta foothills, south of Calgary.