Sin City Part Deux

Hi again,

So I've spoken to my friend at Alliance Atlantis and here's the scoop on the new Sin City Extended edition: you get over 20 minutes of additional footage and extra features with Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino, PLUS bloopers and an interactive game. The big 'cool extra' is a Graphic Novel called The Hard Goodbye.

Anyway, don't forget that they're only 80,000 for all of Canada, so get them before they sell out!
My friend got me it for Xmas... But really I got ripped off for the orginal DVD. I paid 26$ for it plus tax and there were no extra's. Then they expect us to wait a few months and they release the version with extra's, and even that much and expect us to pay another 35$ for the movie. I was very disappointed in how they had done this.

At least I got this copy for free. =-D

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