US artists did badly in UK charts last year

British music once dominated the world - from the Beatles in the 1960's to the year 1984 when 20 UK music artists were in the US Top 100. In recent years, however, UK music see,s to have declined slightly, but is British starting to be at its best again? In 2004, UK artists dominated the UK charts, whilst even artists from the US did badly -

The Sun -

Brits take pop at US stars

BRITISH music dominated the UK charts at the expense of American rivals last year.

The US lagged in rock, pop, R&B, middle-of-the-road plus easy listening, dance and hip-hop.

Mike Skinnerís The Streets was the bestselling hip-hop act, outperforming Eminem and 50 Cent.

Robbie Williams was the top pop artist, outselling US heavyweights the Scissor Sisters.

Joss Stone was the best-seller in R&B, beating Usher and Destinyís Child, according to figures released by the record industryís trade association BPI.

**Locks of John Lennonís hair are expected to fetch £1,000 at a Beatles auction in Liverpool.
Personally I have always liked British and European singers/groups myself. I don't know why, but it must be the way they sing, it comes across more smooth. If that made any sense.
As there isn't anything new and exciting on the US musical scene[and hasn't been for the last few years] and the emergence of some good bands in the UK..very easily explained. British music has usually been great
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