Telus evenings/weekends from 9pm (Telus Evenings And Weekends)

It is sadly true, Telus now joins the likes of Rogers wireless in providing unlimited "evenings" and weekends from 9 pm to 7 am. Some rogers plans are still from 8 pm but this is likely to change as these wireless companies tend to trip and fall over each other to nickel and dime customers. Soon we will have the benefit of evenings from 3 am to 6 am.

This does not apply to customers already on contracts! Geuss im staying with rogers.

I still remember when evenings/weekends were from 6 pm with no extension fees and plans used to be billed by the second. just goes to show the lack of REAL competition in Canada

Bell=we all noe they are evil

I wish the old clearnet/fido was still available.
In QC, our nights still start at 8pm...

I just called to change my plan due to expensive overuse - they matched fido without my even threatening to switch (external - login to view)

that includes the weekend/evening start/end times and they backdated a month. thanks telus

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