I Cancelled My Fido Account Today. Here's Why. (Fido Promotional Code)

This is a letter to all current and future customers of Fido/Microcell.

I am an ex-customer who has been harassed, threatened and abused at the hands of customer service representatives and company policy. Please find below an accounting of the treatment I have received from Fido in the form of a letter that I have previously sent to Fido and the CRTC. The CRTC was kind enough to forward the letter on to Fido/Microcell on my behalf.

Please notice that after four months of repeated phone calls and letter writing I did not receive any phone calls, e-mails or letters from anyone in Fido/Microcell. There was no response at all. Until of course I called and cancelled my account which got me a reply in 3 hours... I still have to talk to "Joy" who has taken to not returning my calls now and it's a long distance number. This game of phone tag is getting annying and costly.

The last straw, for me, was a CSR who promised to look into getting me back on the plan I was originally supposed to be on. He was supposed to call me back 2 hours later. After waiting patiently for 2 days, I had finally had enough and called back only to find out that there was no way to set me up on the plan I was supposed to be on. Apparently the CSR I was waiting for had forgotten to call me back. (And why did this new CSR know this right away?)

That was the last straw.

I have yet to speak to anyone with Fido/Microcell upper management or even a supervisor of the CSR department. After ten months with Fido, I have never once spoken to anyone who can answer any question I may have in a polite and courteous manner. I have been threatened with bad credit ratings, out right lied to, cheated and scammed.


I am only moving forward with this because if I can effects even one current customer or future customer, I have helped them avoid the Fido trap.

Below are two letters, already sent to FIDO and the CRTC.

To the CRTC, The BBB and Fido / Microcell Telecom,

I have concerns regarding the ethical business practices of Fido / Microcell Telecom. My letter to you today has 4 parts. The first part is to direct my concerns in a focused and summary manner to the CRTC and the BBB. The second part is to outline my questions to the CRTC and BBB. The third part is a copy of a follow up letter originally sent to Fido in regards to the complete lack or response to a first letter of complaint I originally sent well over six weeks ago. (I was told that an average response could take upwards of 72 hours to process) That letter follows in part four.

*** Part 1 ***

This letter of complaint is concerned with

Fido (Microcell Telecommunications)
1250 Rene Levesque West
Office 400
Montreal Que.
H3B 4W8

I have had issues with Fido customer service, their digital cellular service, their phones and their company policy. I am that one customer who has had nothing but bad luck with their company. After repeated attempts to solve my problems through their usual customer service channels, I am left with two options. One is to write their presidents burough, and the second is to write to the CRTC in hopes that they may be able to help me seek reparations for time invested as well as money. I certainly hope that the CRTC will find Fido/Microcell have acted unethically.

My number one complaint, in a long list, is that on their web site and in their promotional materials, Fido promotes contract free services. In fact there is a quote on their web page that reads, "Fido believes in trust. So we will never tie you down with a long-term contract. We know you'll stay with Fido because you want to, not because you have to".
(Reference to this quote -> www.fido.ca/portal/en/info/Di...Overview.shtml (external - login to view) )

I am now, apparently, locked into a 1-year contract with Fido.

I find this to be a misleading and unethical business practice.

I happily accepted my new phone and the one year stipulation because I have no other choice… but they keep telling me that this is not a contract. I have to use their services or pay for the "free" phone they sent me (to apologize for the bad situation I found myself in due to their faulty services and products) for one full year.

What I would like to do is to stop Fido from advertising “Contract Free” solutions. This will prevent them from misrepresenting themselves to future customers. I have lost all hope of ever recovering anything at all from Fido / Microcell Telecom. I have no faith and no hope for my next 12 months at the hands of Fido. I am afraid for other current customers as well as future customers of this company.
*** Part 2 ***

My questions to the CRTC are: what can you do about this, what are you going to do about this, what can I expect done about this and when can I expect a result or answer? What are all of the steps and requirements involved in this process?

Here is the long of it.

What follows is a copy of the second e-mail and the first e-mail I drafted and sent to Fido/Microcell. Even these two letters are now outdated as another problem has come up that customer service reps of Fido’s 611 function are unable to deal with to my satisfaction. I made a payment and it was considered insufficient and so my phone was cut off. There was no warning, no message, no e-mail, no SMS, no nothing warning me of when my phone was to be cut off. There was a payment made before the phone was cut off and I was able to let customer service / billing know this immediately after my phone was cut off. The customer service rep was able to track down the payment with the reference number I provided and re-activated my phone. I was then charged a $32.00 reconnect fee when payment had already been made!

Thank you,
Michael B********
(***) ***-****

*** PART 3 ***

Greetings! Here we go again...

I have attached a previous e-mail below which is now outdated and superseded by the results of the questions asked. Those answers have only led to more questions of ethical concern regarding Fido business practices and their advertising. It has now been 9 days since I first submitted this letter and I am now re-submitting it with one clarification.

I have asked several times who/where I can send this to and the only answer I get is to send it to Customer Service option of the drop down menu on the page I am currently looking at. Sorry, there is no Customer Service option. I am going to do the following.

1) I am sending this to "Other" in hopes the those who are receiving all such flagged e-mails will do their utmost to see that it finds its way to the right place
2) I will be sending a copy of this e-mail to the CRTC and the BBB in hopes that they can forward it on the right person/people in Fido
3) I am going to make one last phone call to Fido Customer Service and ask them one last time if there is an e-mail address I can send this letter to directly.

I have asked for a response and in 9 days have not received one. I understand that if I am to go through the CRTC that there will be a response within 30 days. Well, maybe I should wait an equl amount of time for Fido to respond personally. Otherwise I would feel that I am being unfair to the system put in place by Fido.

So, here is the original e-mail and my NEW contact e-mail address. I am hoping that you will at least reply for the results and update to my story

*** PART 4 ***


I um... yeah. (There is a summary near the end, in the conclusion) I don't even know where to begin. Maybe with a question as per Descartes philosophy on Discourse?

I was just reading on your web page that you never ask for a contract. Is this true?
Please see

Now, what if I were to tell you that a customer service rep recently asked me to sign a contract? Do you understand my confusion?

Now, what if this is strike 4 by my count against Fido, even though after 3 I was happily satisfied with the solution of the above service rep only to now find out that Fido does not require a contract, ever. Shall I point this out with an HTML reference?

Here ya Go.
www.fido.ca/portal/en/info/Di...Overview.shtml (external - login to view)
(Reasons to Adopt Fido)

“With Fido, there's no risk! Fido believes in trust. So we will never tie you down with a long-term contract. We know you'll stay with Fido because you want to, not because you have to.”

Now maybe I've had one beer too many and I've read Descartes once too many times, but it seems to me that there is a conflict between what your web page says and what your customer service rep's say. In the immortal words of Spock, “Highly illogical!”

There also seems to be a BIG problem in my mind, at this very moment, (Gasp!) as to the integrity of Fido and the representation that I have received in the past. Shall I go on? Why not! You can always read this later, at your pleasure, as I am certainly writing this at mine.

I have one impression of Fido that has definitely not changed since my first contact with the company you work with/for/that pays your bills. It is this...

YOU and/or your compatriots in customer service have done a miraculously lousy job of:

a) Dealing with my questions in a straightforward way.

Ex. The phone I purchased was defective and after making several inquiries as to how I can get it repaired without an invoice, I was repeatedly told I had to have an invoice. (That’s nice but I already said I don’t have one!) Now that isn’t really an answer to the question I asked and I am left wondering which page they were reading off of.

b) Misrepresenting your intentions.

Ex. Advertising that does not include or reflect the actual nature of your services and/or products. (Now I know there is someone else I can talk to about it, but that’s even more hassle for me then it would be for you and you don’t really deserve that kind of attention)

c) The quote offered did not match (at all) the final bill I received. (You should be mechanics!)

Ex. The original plan I was told I was being placed on was to cost me $30/mo. After repeatedly asking questions such as “How Much is this going to cost me”, and “Ok, bottom line, how much is this going to cost me”, I was told each time, “$30.00 per month”. There was no mention of $6.95/mo federal surcharge. (I understand that the $6.95 is not your doing, but I sure would like to have known about it up front. This is my first cell phone purchase and it took me 30 minutes to get that answer from a CSR).

d) The phone service I have experienced since December is lacking in quality of signal, strength of signal and has a very high signal to noise ratio. I find it very hard to get a signal from my basement suite and often miss calls because of it. (My roommate has a cell phone down here too. He doesn’t have any problem with his signal or I would just assume it’s a basement thing.)

Ex. My phone will often send the message alert while skipping the whole ringing process for an incoming call. At least I get the voice mail by walking outside.

Ex. My phone has a habit of dropping signal approximately 80% of the time, regardless of whether I am indoors, outdoors, upstairs or down. After repeated attempts to reconnect it always fails to do so. (At least it’s consistent in that area!)

e) The customer service up to this point has failed to be educated in their products, are ill equipped to deal with any given situation other then patching me through to someone else, and the time I have spent on hold in that 6 months is about 11 hours and running.

Ex. 12 Minutes to speak to someone in billing who consistently ask me for my number, my name, my address (including postal code) even when I tell them I just want to speak to customer service. 12 more minutes on hold because my phone dropped carrier signal and again, 2 minutes to give out my information to tell them I just want to talk to customer service, not billing. (28 minutes just to get a CSR)

Basically, your 611 function… (looking for a polite word here) … Is “poopy”.

So, I finally got through, talked to a nice person, Jawaid, was his name and he was very kind and helpful and seemed to understand me when I asked a question. Sadly, I was disconnected from that call as well. When I got back to customer service I was treated to a totally different person. NOT Jawaid. I asked if I could speak to Jawaid, but I was not so lucky. Simon did the best he could however. I’m sure he had enough cranky customers and had listened to enough angry young men such as myself that day. (I really tried very hard to stay calm through my frustration) He really did his best to not lose his static cool with me. In the end I explained to him that I had to buy a new phone because the current phone I was using was completely useless. In an attempt to be a good customer I explained my past problems and again my current problem and that my future course of action was to purchase a new phone, most likely from a different manufacturer and most definitely from a different provider. I asked Simon if there was anything he could do to impress upon me that my experience with Fido was just a fluke, a cosmic crossing or wires and bad timing. Something… anything… just try to keep me as a customer. If it was my business, I would love customers to ask me that before they stormed out and never come back. ANYTHING at all! Just give me a chance to change their opinion.

I gave Simon and Fido that chance because it’s what I would want if I were in your shoes.

Simon offered me the new Nokia phone, for a small $25 service fee and a 1 year contract. Now that sounded like a nice deal, maybe it was just the cheap Mitsubishi phone I had bought at 7-11, and not the service provided by Fido. (Simon was obviously having a bad day, but still managed to find a smile somewhere, which was refreshing) Then I got to your web page and came across two interesting things…

I wanted to get the big scoop on exactly what this new Nokia phone was like; what kind of options, games …(Oh, nowhere on your web site could I find details on the kind of games it has… FYI, you may want to include that in the future). So I found out that there are currently 2 Nokia phones offered on your web page, the 3390 and the 8390. GASP! ***One of them is free anyway***! The 3390 is currently being offered for FREE as a promotion, as well as FREE through a few local electronics stores. For free. And Simon wants me to sign a 1 year contract? Plus pay $25? It’s free elsewhere, there is never any contract to sign because, “Fido believes in trust”. (Need the HTML reference again to check on the hypocrisy of that?)

Today is Saturday June 1st , actually I think it’s Sunday morning by now and Monday I will receive my new Nokia phone via UPS. Of course I missed the delivery guy on Friday. Then again, it would have gone against every experience I’ve had with Fido so far if I hadn’t’!

****** To sum up! ******

My experience with Fido to date has consisted of bad rep’s, bad representation, bad phone, bad phone service, and now…. You offer me a free phone I could get for free anyway? Well… that’s not true, I don’t really know what phone you sent… yet. I will however find out on Monday and let me tell you, if it’s the 3390 phone, I have more letters, more phone calls and a whole lot of time to spend on hold because work is really slow for me over the next two weeks. I cleared off my schedule just so I could spend some quality time with my friends at Fido Customer Service.

I’m really rooting for you guys to come through this time. You’re past your last chance already and the only reason I’m still here is because of Jawaid. He proved to me that not every Fido CSR is… (looking for a nice word)…

I really do thank you if you actually read all of that drivel. I guess I had some steam to let off and I am really nervous to open the UPS package on Monday. I’m rooting for ya, I really am. I already spent the money I was saving for a new phone on a barbeque. (It wasn’t made by Mitsubishi. If Fido will trust me, I’m going to trust Fido and blow my saved cash on something else. I’m sure the phone you send me will work admirably and my future experiences with customer service will be fruitful and pleasant. If not, I’m sure you can tell already that you’ll hear from me again. I like writing e-mails, to lots of different people.

-Thank you and good luck,
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Thank you so much for your post. I've personally had several problems with my fido service. Some of the customer service people speak english terribly, but they do try to keep it together.

Now, I don't know much about the contract. But I do know there's something called a 'one year agreement' with my phone's hardware upgrade.. I got the 3390 via Canada Post about 2 weeks ago.

Now, let me tell you a little something about what we do at Rogers. (I work for Rogers in Toronto). Whenever someone inquires about getting a free phone, we are advised not to mention the word 'contract'.. Its always a no-no, we are only supposed to say 'term'.

So as you can see, its not only Fido that misleads it's customers, they all do it. But the best experience I've had is through Bell Mobility. They are not top-notch, but they DO seem better than fido, rogers and clearnet.

I do, however, understand why you would want to boycott microcell. They are not upfront, they lack honesty, and their telephone customer service is terrible. First, I get asked to type in my phone number, second I get asked for my phone number, and then I have to provide all my personal information... They will then redirect me to the required department, in which I will be asked for my phone number and info again. By the way, its the same with Rogers. Idiots.

Tell me what kind of responses you get, I'm very eager to hear.
-talk to you later.
Im also very interested to see what kind of response you get from Fido, the BBB and the CRTC.

A lot of providers advertise "free phones" with no "contracts", but they have terms like andem said, which is apparently not a contract, ya have to wonder on that one.
Actually the word 'term' is a contract. But a 'one year agreement' is not a contract, just if you cancel your account within the year you must pay the FULL retail price of the phone.

Also, when they say free phone, you usually have to pay upfront (around $100) and you get the money back through an annoying mail-in rebate.
wow they sure gave you the 'exceptional customer service' they tout
I also disconnected my service today and chose Telus as an alternative. Very similar reasons, shoddy service, shoddy reception and coverage, pushy lying salesmen, and it seems as if their customer database consists of scraps of paper shoved into one of fifteen filing cabinets. To retrieve information from them, or even discuss certain matters with people you have to call a variety of different numbers and speak to a variety of un-informed monkeys who then give you incomplete information and one word answers to detailed questions. They are rude and seem to be totally unaccountable for their actions, which have cost me hundreds of dollars. Bah. I'll pay for service.
It's now been a year. A month after I sent these letters I received a phone call from a supervisor in the presidents burough. She was anything but professional and down right rude. I told her I was sending her my phone back and she told me that I could not. I told her I was getting quite good at writing letters. She insisted that I could not send my phone back and that I was indeed being charged for it.

I sent my phone back anyway.

I paid for everything I owed on my final bill (my air time, extra features and shipping costs for the new phone. There was no charge for the phone itself).

A month later I received another final final bill from Fido for something like $1.39.

I called Customer service to find out what the $1.39 was for. Of course they couldn't find my account. They couldn't find anything relating to any of the phone calls I had made to customer service previously. Nothing. According to them, I was never a customer. Of course, according to them, I didn't owe them $1.39 either. According to them, they hadn't received the phone I returned either. Aparently there was no phone to receive. According to their computer system - I was never a customer anyway.

The CRTC contacted me again. They're the governing body for cell phones and radio frequencies. They're the ones that give Fido permission to broadcast. They told me that there was nothing they could do to help me, nor were they able to take any action against Fido. So uh? What exactly do they do?

The BBB took down my complaint, but didn't follow up on it. Aparently they were too busy with other complaints against Microcell and every other bloody cell phone company out there. I asked them if there was a cell phone provider that wasn't under investigation and they declined to answer.

I also looked into suing Microcell by talking to two different law firms. (Three actually but the first declined to speak to me). They others both told me not to worry about it. False advertising cases always get thrown out anyway.

I wrote a letter to my member of parliment (MP) to see what her take on the issue was. Her answer was quite simply, "sorry" and "nothing I can do about it".

Aparently nobody can do anything about it at all and this does not preclude Fido themselves.

I am now with another company. It would be in poor taste to mention which one, but they do indeed charge per second. Yes, I had to ask for it, but as soon as I mentioned I was switching from Fido, they gave it to me.

I purchased my phone from them and now I am under no contract, no term, no agreement. I pay monthly and can cancel anytime.

My two biggest reasons for chosing Fido I found at another provider. I am charged by the second and I am under no contract.

My phone works, it works in my basement and it works when I am travelling. Ironically enough I had difficulty getting a signal in my basement. I called customer service and they told me exactly where to take my phone to get it checked. The real kicker is that they fixed it and I didn't even need a receipt to get the work done. I was actually .22c short to cover buying a leather holster for my phone, but the clerk sold me anyway.

I went back to writing letters. Only this time I wrote a glowing review of my new sales clerk, the helpfulness of the CSR that directed me to him and the proficiency they showed in solving my problem.

I am happy now. A year later.
That's excellent that you've made progress along the way. Telus is really good when it comes to matching your previous providers` rates. I'm considering getting a Telus too!

Mind posting the letters Microcell sent back? I'd LOVE to see this!
I believe this happened and I can see it happening several times a week by seperate customers. Although Fido is located here in Montréal, I can't stand them! Stay away from fidos
I totally know what you mean!! Fido customer service is run by a bunch of teenagers who don't care. If they don't have an answer for you, they hang up on you. I have never been treated so poorly by any company. A FIDO PAY AS YOU GO PHONE COST ME $1630.00 IN THE 5 MONTHS I HAVE OWNED IT! Now, I have to pay to have it repaired because it is already dead, plus I have to pay $300 if I want the phone unlocked to use with another service provider.

Microcell Telecommunications
c/o Rene Bousquet; President
1250 Rene-Levesque Boulevard West
38th Floor
Montreal, Quebec
H3B 4W8
Since it's HIS money, he will care what you have to say.
Air Advocate
If we come together for the same purpose we can create change or we can cost them alot of money by planning to flood them with letters, court dates what ever it takes. we need an advocacy group to go after these businesses. If the consumer does nothing no one will. Corporate lawyers cost 300 an hour, we can represent are self the more court date we organize the more it cost them to solve the problem.
I strongly believe if we start to spend there money, we will get what we want or we can eventually put them out of business. We need to organize to have a better chance at service. The sad thing is a lot of businesses operate like this. And we consumers seem to never stand together, when there is strength in numbers.
We individually do not have the same resources as these businesses but if we are creative we can think of ways to solve problems.
CRTC BBB and many other government agencies have been created to help but in most cases have there hands tied since no one has the authority or job description to do anything about it.
There are so many business not even regulated by any body.

Like for example consumer and corporate affairs I believe I seen a show on TV they said there was 380 complaints and since 1995 until now there was 11 charges laid. Just imagine the work load 12 years to handle 11 cases and they only have 400 staff members.

Does any one know about the business practice act? It can help you but look at it first before you make the deal.

I have been considering drafting a contract of my own to get the sells agent to sign, holding them responsible.
Quote: Originally Posted by Air AdvocateView Post

I have been considering drafting a contract of my own to get the sells agent to sign, holding them responsible.

Good luck with that; you won't find a sales person in the country who would sign it - they'd be fired on the spot, and rightfully so. As it states in the company contracts that all retail employees are required to sign as part of their new hire packages, they work for (and answer directly only to) the company, and signing any extranious documents would be to violate that business/consumer transaction by involving the salesperson directly.

I am sorry you got burned, and it certainly does suck - I've been there before myself. But I also have been on the other end, and have seen more than enough customers come in and straight up lie to my face, grossly exagerate and conveniently leave out the facts that were given to them because they have felt wronged by.

Like I said in another thread, while I feel sorry for you, I also don't get why you didn't go home and look at the phone you were about to purchase, especially since all of the pertinent informaiton like its release is readily available through google and wikipedia - smart shopping starts with the consumer; the word of the salesperson should just be one tool you use in making a decision - eliminate all the bias and you'll know if you'll be getting what you want.
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Hello Everyone!
I must say that some of your stories are pretty horrifying and having been through several similar stories I can relate to you, although FIDO has NEVER been one of them.

Bell was the worst company I have ever had to deal with, closely followed by Telus who have no clue what they are talking about. In my ONE year with Bell I have never EVER been able to talk to a CSR EVER. Now that is not normal, all I could get was that lame excuse of an IVR system called Andrea who would constantly hang up because she couldn't understand the answers given to her.
Telus on the other hand is quite a champion, because their costumer service is actually soooooooooo bad that I never even activated an account with them. When I was planning to get my first phone I did a LITTLE bit of research regarding the companies and the handsets only to find out that with that little knowledge I was actually better informed than all of those pricks at TELUS! And I did give it a chance by going to several stores before finally giving up because NOT one of the sellers could actually give me what I wanted because they were trying to push me 3 year contracts and phones that were ridiculously expensive in order to earn more commission!

Honestly at first I thought Fido was ripping me off, but then I realized that Fido was the only company who had per-second billing. Telus and Bell charge 1minute for a 15 sec call whereas Fido charges 15 sec for a 15 sec call; I have made the calculations several times with several of my Fido Phone Bills and come to the conclusion that I saved over 300$ in 3 months with this method.
If you go check the statistics Rogers is actually the best service provider followed closely by Fido when it comes to costumer satisfaction, Bell and Telus are far behind. What you have to understand regarding the incapability of some of the CSRs to answer every question that you have is that Fido was bought by Rogers 2 years ago, and I heard that they have made HUUUUUGE changes to the company so much so that hundreds of CSRs quit because it had become quite different systems and they would have to learn those all over again. The systems these representatives use are very complicated but also very necessary, and contrary to everyone's belief ALL the CSRs undergo a quite thorough learning process of up to 5 months before even being sent on the floor to answer calls.
As for the person who talked about the FREE of CONTRACT thing it is actually true and I confirm this because I do have a monthly agreement with Fido that I can quit at ANY time without penalty charges, the only catch there is, is that you have to actually BUY a phone it then costs you absolutely nothing to activate it!! Telus and Bell charge up to 75$ for the activation of an account. So you haven't even talked on your phone yet and they are already ripping you off!

The plans at Fido are also amazing as you can change them anytime you see fit for something better than what you already have without charge!! As for people who have had bad CSR experiences you also have to know how to differentiate bad CSRs from company policy because a lot of people complain about things that the CSRs are not even responsible for, therefore we have to be careful when accusing people.
Being a CSR is a very hard job, just imagine receiving calls from costumers all day long, then being pushed to RAPIDLY find all the info the costumer WANTS, in a computer system which is packed with all kinds of informations and applications and whatnot and then clearly deliver it so the costumer will understand while still keeping a certain script in mind that the company wnats you to say to each and every costumer while typing to remember what was said. Now that is quite some multi-tasking my friends.

I know how hard it is to work in CS as I have been doing it for the past 6 years, and as one of you said costumers will come and lie straight to your face in order to get something out of you, anything! I have seen people COMPLAIN and BITCH about promotional gifts saying that they were ugly and not in any way useful and then ACTUALLY ask for more than one. FACT is people like free stuff, whatever it is as long as its free. You don't need it? Doesn't matter its FREE!

So I know that a lot of people did have problems with FIDO but I guess what I am trying to say here is that we have to cut them some slack because there are some amazingly talented and nice people out there in the CSR world, you just have not had the opportunity to have an amazing CSR experience yet, someone so helpful and genuinely interested and qualified for solving a problem, that you then have no doubt that the company does its best to train these people but that as always there a few bad apples in the basket who make everything bad!
I've delt with Bell and not had any issues. Its not like the're weren't problems but they eventually sorted them out.

Most places now a days farm out their CSR to the lowest bidder. So the person you are talking to is not an employee of the company you are dealing with but a flunky off the street earning his/her $2.65/hr off his/her Grade 9 education (with a C- average). So the fact that this person doesn't do something right should really come as no big surprise.
I have been with Fido for 3 years now, and they are the best of the worst. I don't think they have a problem in customer service per se, but their policies suck. I used my Fido dollars to get a new handset and it turned out to be defected, and it took me a month to get replacement. When my bill came, I found out that they are charging me for the exchange. I called them and asked them to remove this wrongful charge and they said they will. When I called a week later to follow up, they said they won't!! Their billing system is complicated and confusing. I really think that Canada should have more cell phone companies other than Fido/Rogers, Telus and Bell.
They made me beleive that it was my end year contract and I did not bother checking because they were very convencing. Now I have to pay $300 to break the contract and $69 late payment. I did not want to pay the $69 so they are harassing us, I had to send them this:

To whome it may concern,

I will have to ask you to stop calling my wife about my personal bill for a late payment of $69. This matter has been discused already by phone and I don't want you to call both our number ever again.

Our # to stop harassing us: *** *** **** - *** *** ****

If my wife or I still get phone calls from Fido I will send this copy to my lawyer and file a complaint for phone harassment.

Again I don't refuse to pay.


Ah and I forgot about there phone system, a real joke, maybe 4 or 5 calls to get the right number to in the end not even have an anwsering machine, what company is that?

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Ron in Regina
Fred....above....are those really your phone numbers?

If so, I can edit those out for you, leaving the rest of your message.
sorry Fred....something doesn't smell right with your story....we've been dealing with Fido for years, and have had no problems.... including keeping an old plan that is a steal now compared to the new plans.... We've had problems with Rogers.... Bell..... but no problems with Fido that has not been resolved quickley to our satisfaction.
Yes please do so my bad. Fido called me back and the case is closed, they waved the $69 late payment. Bell is no better so far for me.


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