Don't Lose Hope

We can't even imagine a place where there is no light, 700 meters under the ground, and temperature equivalent to mid-day summer. We hear about their daily routine every day.
The Chilean government is using an Australian made drilling machine and it is known to drill about 20 meters maximum per day. Experts say that everything is being done to help the miners go free, but it will take about 3~4months to finish the extraction operation.
Some of the miners who are trapped are showing symptoms of skin diseases and bacterial infections. Some miners also showed depression as well.
We are truly thankful for the miners for being so positive as possible and we want to encourage the miners to never lose hope because help is on the way.
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what an unbelievable tragedy, I hope so much that they survive.
In addition to the requirements for life: air, water, food, ....

....I believe something which may contribute to their fight for survival and that would be contact with the outside world - hope and promises of people working on their rescue.

There will be breakdowns because these are humans and few of us are tested as these men will be but as we continue to exchange information with them, I believe we can keep the ever life sustaining hope alive
by constant contact. I hope they are hearing from their loved ones and also that music is available regularly to give them a peaceful break...

A question: are there any opportunities to reach these men through horizontal digging as opposed to
direct from above entry? Horizontal at some distance might allow a more "heavy heanded" approach to the cutting through the ground to their position.

I think we all need some good news these days - I pray this will end positively.

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