Thatcher Dead

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The death of John Baird's sixteen year old cat causes a flap at Buckingham Palace.

CBC News - World - U.K. press purrs over Baird's 'Thatcher dead' text

PMO just PO'ed
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I am sure Baird will replace Thatcher with Bush.
I wonder how many bulldogs have been called Winnie or Winston.
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My pet rat's name is Baird
Margaret Thatcher's armoured bus for sale

Super rare opportunity to acquire Margaret Thatcherís armoured bus built by special order for her and her cabinet after the Brighton bombings.

Designed and built by Glover and Webb using Foden and Rolls Royce parts. 36 seater in a fully armoured body with bullet proof glass and a two foot thick honeycombed anti blast floor and run flat tyres.

Also has its own sealed environment with air filtration systems against chemical biological and nuclear contamination powered by a seperate Diesel engine.

This 17.5 ton monster is powered buy a 12 liter supercharged diesel rolls engine and easily achieves 80 mph.

Has only covered 21,000 kilometers and runs perfectly tyres are all excellent. The v5 is now present along with all sorts of interesting letters form people that remembered either building it or or using it.the latter part of its service was spent in Northern Ireland traveling the white knuckle run for troops from Derry airport to Belfast escorted by a Saracen or two.

We can't wait to see who buys this.

Will it be an American collector of Maggie memorabillia,a new age traveler with attitude, an African dictator with lots of wives or a Syrian school bus driver. Who knows? A rare piece of history.

The name on the side was not a bus company it was the designers grandsons name.

We are open to sensible offers the interior is tidy but the body is a little cosmetically tired. One or two bullet holes on the outer alloy insulated skin.

Very pleasant drive, I was told buy an auctioneer who picked it up -it achieved £17,000 plus buyers premium buy the foreign buyer reneged on the Bid at a later date.

Margaret Thatcherís Armoured Bus (external - login to view)
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Quote: Originally Posted by SpadeView Post

I am sure Baird will replace Thatcher with Bush.

no way, then no one would care...
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At least Baird didn't eat his cat like a Mayor in Ontario

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