Muslim Women the Real Oppression

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Muslim Women… The Real Oppression

By Nahida Izzat

20/01/08 "ICH (external - login to view)" -- -- I find it really outrageous and inconceivable to watch this fierce campaign rallying in “defence” of “our rights”, the rights of Muslim women, such as the recent staging of the Islamo-fascist Awareness Week in USA sponsored by David Horowitz.

What disturbs and frustrates me about this impious movement is the fact that those who are holding the banner of our “liberation” are precisely the ones whose hands are dripping with our blood, the blood of Muslim women!

Wouldn’t it be a good idea if they stop killing us first (in Iraq, Afghanistan and Palestine with the imminent threat to Iran)?
I mean honestly, at least their hideous and bogus calls might gain some legitimacy and credibility then.

Wouldn’t it be a good idea if they could spare us their fake concern, and their crocodile tears weeping over our state of affairs and act honestly for once, by stopping their genocide against us, and by washing our blood off their hands?
This shrieking and fussing calling for our liberation from the “oppression” and “dominance” of Islam; is not innocent, it’s rather sinister and disturbing dare I say.
These systematic attempts in the Western media to dehumanise one quarter of the world population, namely the Muslims are influenced and manipulated by the Zionists propaganda.

This recent study shows 'demonisation' of Muslims in the British media: (external - login to view)

The Zionists are discovering that their long concealed hideous crimes in Palestine have been exposed now, they are realizing that slowly but surely they are losing the world support, so they are trying to regain their grip and manipulate the world’s opinion by using new tactics:

Kathie Bondar
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Muslim Women… The Real Oppression
By Nahida Izzat

I am not Zionist, I grew up in one of Europe's predominantly Catholic countries. Ours was a male dominated society, and I did not like being considered second class just because he has a ***** and I do not. I never considered myself intellectually inferior to any of them, neither did they, not in school, not in the workplace, but we women were paid about half of a man's wage for the same work, and this is what you don't seem to understand. How about divorce settlements? Do Moslem women get 50%
Some Islamic countries permit a man to have 4 wives. In reality this means 4 at a time, because he can divorce one and presto, there is room for a new one.
Suppose she wants to get out of the marriage but her parents won't take her back, she has no job skills and anyway, there are no job opportunities in her society.
Bless the Prophet, he never thought of any of this.
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most people have NO idea that this is going on

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