"Useless cake-eaters": Germans play games whilst the British fight in Afghanistan

sIFR_callback_0_DoFSCommand(info, args);Further proof that the British military is the only military in Western Europe with any meaningful power and willingness to fight wars when needed comes in this story.

Whilst the British army is fighting dangerous battles in Afghanistan, such as the recent battle over the last few days to re-take the town of Musa Qala, some other European NATO members aren't doing anything at all in Afghanistan despite having troops there. The Germans, for example, sit in their base all day eating food and playing table football, and have even branded themselves "useless cake-eaters"

NATO are angry at both Germany AND France for refusing to send more troops to Afghanistan, which left the British sending more instead....

Germans play as Our Boys fight

Let them eat cake ... idle German soldiers enjoy table football in Afghanistan whilst the British fight the Taliban. There are 3,200 German soldiers in Afghanistan and 7,700 British.

Defence Editor
13th December 2007

WAR-SHY German commanders in Afghanistan have branded themselves useless “cake-eaters” in a memo exposed today by The Sun.

The shocking admission comes amid growing anger in Nato at Berlin’s refusal to commit troops to the bitter war against the Taliban in the southern badlands.

While outnumbered Brits battle it out, Germany’s 3,200 troops stay in the safe far north of the country.

Lazy ... German soldiers tuck into food whilst Our Boys put their lives on the line

Even then, few ever leave their base and none are allowed out after dark for fear of taking casualties.

German military chiefs are now so worried about their combat shirking, they have even tried to cover up exactly how little their troops are doing, we can reveal.

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The secret memo urges officers NOT to talk about a recent German operation in case it was compared with the intensity of fighting in southern Afghanistan.

It adds: “This is fuel into the discussion of the ‘cake-eating Germans in the North’.”


The Sun has also obtained a set of photos of German soldiers in their Mazar-e-Sharif base playing cards and table football.

Pleas by Nato generals for reinforcements for the battle-torn south from major European countries — especially Germany and France — have been repeatedly ignored.

That has left Britain’s 7,500 troops, along with the US, Canadians and Dutch, to take on the bitter insurgency alone. Despite the Germans’ inactivity, coalition forces have killed 70 senior Taliban commanders this year, senior sources said last night.

A Nato insider in Kabul said: “Everyone knows how useless the Germans are for the effort here, but now they are admitting it.”

The German government has been desperate to avoid troop casualties.

Last month German rescue helicopters refused to fly at night. And their troops are not allowed to travel more than two hours from a military hospital — making huge areas supposedly under their control off-limits.

THE Sun urges people in Abingdon, Oxfordshire, to support the homecoming parade of the 3rd Logistics Support Regiment parade today. Our Boys were devastated when sister company the 4th Logistics came home to empty streets two months ago. Meanwhile 500 soldiers from 1st Battalion Irish Guards, just back from Iraq, were presented with campaign medals yesterday.

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Brown: UK is winning war

Whitehall Editor

BRITISH forces are winning the war in Afghanistan, Gordon Brown declared yesterday.

The PM told the Commons our 7,500 troops were slowly cutting off and destroying the Taliban. And he pledged £450million in extra funding for aid and equipment just 24 hours after returning from a visit to the country.

Tribute ... British soldier Lee

Mr Brown also led Commons tributes to Sgt Lee Johnson, 33, of the 2nd Battalion The Yorkshire Regiment, who was killed on Saturday as Our Boys moved in to take the Taliban stronghold of Musa Qala.

The PM sent condolences to the dad-of-two’s family. He said: “We owe him and others who have lost their lives a deep debt of gratitude. He was serving bravely in an exercise which has yielded great success.”

VIP heroes

TROOPS and their families are to get VIP-style freebies and treats. PM Gordon Brown will today order a study into how the nation can show the Forces they are appreciated.

Ideas include tickets to theme parks and theatres. Mr Brown wants firms to suggest other treats.

An MoD source said: “Our forces deserve VIP treatment.”

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Great Britain

Population 60 million annual economy of nearly three trillion dollars....


The world sure is lucky that Great Britain is around to help the world out.... Think Palestine and other lovely legacies as product of Great Britain...

Sorry Blackleaf I know you're a patriot and all that....
Do you really want the German armies of yore back? JMP, but they've caused more than enough grief and misery in the previous centuries.
That's foosball.
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``useless cake eaters``

The entire world has abandoned Bush's coalition of the dwindling in Iraq and is now doing the same in Afghanistan.


Because the cause is unjust.

When you radical right wingers make the war a just and moral one, that's when you can expect the world to support your cause.

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