Shot dead then hit by 50k volts

Shocking ... model poses with Taser gun, raider 'Teflon Bob',
top right inset, and Mr De Menezes, bottom right inset
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November 03, 2006

AN armed robber shot dead by one of the cops who killed Brazilian Jean Charles de Menezes was also zapped by a 50,000-volt Taser gun.

Shotgun-toting Robert Haines, 41, was hit with the electrical charge because his hands were still twitching.

The hardened blagger — nicknamed “Teflon Bob” — had already been gunned down from a distance by specialist firearms officers on Tuesday evening after a failed attempt to rob the Nationwide in New Romney, Kent.
The 6ft 6in hardened blagger was a 20st former bouncer suspected of having links to road rage killer Kenneth Noye.

Search ... Haynes's £500,000 home

A gangland source said: “He used to call himself Teflon Bob because nothing ever stuck — but sadly the bullet did. He thought he could do whatever he wanted.”

Haines had been living with beautician wife Gillian, 41, and their two sons aged five and three at a £500,000 detached executive home in Challock, near Ashford, Kent. Police were searching the property yesterday.

His body was identified by a family member after a post mortem yesterday.

The underworld source added: “He was always up to some form of skulduggery.

“About six years ago he was released from prison — he claimed it was on a technicality.

“He claimed he won a payout and bought BMWs which he hid in a barn. Since his release he’s carried on offending. He’s been one nasty, nasty b*****d for most of his life.”

The Met’s SO19 officer who shot Haines was one of the marksmen who shot Mr De Menezes at Stockwell Tube station after July’s failed 21/7 bombings in London.

He had been suspended from firearms work and returned to duty two months ago.

The Independent Police Complaints Commission are investigating the shooting as routine.

A source said they were looking into the possibility Haines was shot AFTER he was zapped.

The source said: “Of course, Tasers are supposed to be the ultimate protection before guns should be used.”

But a Met insider said: “Haines is said to have let one off with a shotgun and then the firearms team did what they had to do to save lives.

“After he’d been shot, a Taser was fired at him because of the concern about what he might be doing with the gun.”

The Independent Police Complaints Commission last night revealed that, shortly after the failed raid, armed officers were involved in a second incident in the nearby village of Hamstreet.

Witnesses have come forward to claim the officers who shot Haines left the scene in New Romney, drove to Hamstreet, pulled up and were seen talking.