Despite being 85 years old and has just been on a tour of the Baltic countries Prince Philip, the Queen's husband, still found enough energy to visit the Queen's Royal Hussars in Iraq.....

Prince Philip in visit to Iraq

Royal support ... Prince Philip with the Queen's Royal Hussars and, inset, wearing their distinctive hat. The Queen's husband is their Colonel-in-Chief

October 23, 2006

PRINCE Philip payed a surprise visit to British troops in Iraq yesterday.

The Prince, 85, donned desert combat fatigues to meet soldiers from The Queen’s Royal Hussars in Basra in his role as the regiment’s Colonel-in-Chief.

The troops have been on anti-smuggling patrols along the border with Iran and are due to leave Iraq in a few weeks.

He told them: “You have done a fantastic job and I hope you all get home safely.”