Blair to British soldiers in Helmand: "You'll get all you need to finish the job."

This article in today's Sun newspaper was written by Tony Blair.

Thanks ... Tony Blair


'All you need to finish the job'

Prime Minister TONY BLAIR
Writes for The Sun
October 07, 2006

TODAY is the fifth anniversary of the opening of the military campaign to rid Afghanistan of al-Qaeda and the Taliban.

Prime Minister Tony Blair marks this event with a tribute to our 5,000 troops in Afghanistan’s Helmand Province – dubbed the most dangerous spot on earth.

"AFGHANISTAN shows why British forces are the very best in the world. With extraordinary courage and professionalism, they are facing – and defeating – a determined enemy.

They deserve all our thanks. And they will get, I promise, whatever front-line commanders tell us they need to complete their job.

When I hear critics questioning our involvement in Afghanistan, I wonder why memories are so short.

It is just five years since the 9/11 attacks were planned and launched by al-Qaeda from bases in Afghanistan.

It was in response to September 11 that an international coalition, with the United Nation’s full support, intervened in Afghanistan.

We remain there, again with UN support and that of Afghanistan’s elected Government, to prevent the country being used again to export terror.

We always knew it was going to be a dangerous task to clear the Taliban from their strongholds. That’s why we sent a tough fighting force.

Our troops have been in the thick of the battles, they are not alone.

There are thousands of troops from over 30 different countries in Afghanistan as well as Afghan forces we have helped train and equip.

They, like us, have suffered casualties. But like us, they recognise the immense danger for us all if the Taliban regain their grip over the country.

It is a difficult and dangerous task, particularly in Helmand province.

But where stability has been brought in Afghanistan, there has been remarkable progress. Afghanistan is now a lively democracy. The economy is growing strongly. Over four million refugees have returned.

Once girls were banned from schools by the Taliban. They now make up nearly 40 per cent of five million children in education.

Quietly and out of the headlines, our forces are daily helping with reconstruction work.

Helping the Afghan people build a democratic country and develop their economy is also the best way to tackle the drugs trade, which is responsible for 90 per cent of the heroin on our streets.

But lasting reconstruction needs security. That’s why Afghanistan needs our help to drive the Taliban out.

Our forces are doing a superb job in Afghanistan. We should be immensely proud of them."
I find that a bit funny actually "you can have anything to finish the job off".....that's what makes me laugh, why not chuck a few H-Bombs in...that'd finish the job off!!!
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