News coverage of events

Before Sept 11 terrorist plots happened every day. They didn't cover it on the news because nothing happened (the terrorists were caught and their plans were foiled), and the government didn't want the public to panic. Now whenever someone brings a liquid on the plane theirs an international incident. We have to watch on the news a bunch of people sitting around. Every news channel covers this event, for hours! But it's not an event. Nothing happened! Is this a way to keep everyone on edge?
I was thinking about this this morning. The more it is in the public eye, I think, the more acceptable it is for the governments to do what they are doing. The average Joe wants to feel safe and if the government can show there is a reason to spend a fortune on playing Big Brother to make the average Joe feel safe then we’ll swallow it whole.
I just hate it when I watch the news and every chanell is covering the same thing, a terrorist attack that didn't happen. There is so much going on in the world! If it didn't happen, great. Lets get on to something else now.

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