US put pressures on banks to ban money transfers to Palestin

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Western diplomats and Palestinian officials announced that regional and international banks under US pressures are banned from transferring drafts from donors to PA Hamas-led government.

American officials said, "The Bush administration would take action against banks that deal financially or extend direct services to the new PA government".

Washington and Tel Aviv are launching a campaign to isolate the PA government while American officials openly asked banks not to have any dealing with the Hamas Movement or else face penalties.

Nabil Amre, a consultant for the PA chief, Mahmoud Abbas, said that there are warnings to banks to avoid dealing with money transferred to Palestinians and the PA.

According to American law any foreign bank that refuses to cooperate with the USA in cutting finances to the present Palestinian government, its American assets will be frozen and it will not be allowed into American stock markets.

On the other hand, some economic experts accuse former finance minister and current MP Salam Fayadh of drowning Palestinian economy in debts.

The experts also accused the international monetary fund of conniving with and covering up for clear violations in the Palestinian general budget during the period Fayadh was finance minister in the previous government.

The experts asserted to Saudi newspaper Al-Watan that Fayadh's financial policy targeted drowning the Palestinian economy in debts that will ultimately make Palestinians bow to US–Israeli dictates.
Someone please correct me if I am wrong, but I was under the impression that a government (or, at least the Government of Canada — I am operating under the assumption that the Government of the United States of America runs under a system akin to that of Canada) cannot force independent institutions, such as banks, to cease activities with any particular party, unless such would be due to export- or embargo-related restrictions to that party.
The banks have a list a mile long of institutions and governments they can't do business with as a result of government regulation.
What right does the U.S. have to stop banks from giving money to Hamas? The U.S. thinks their the UN. I can't wait until the day when the nosy U.S. government gets what's coming to them.
I'm sure it's the right by way of executive order.

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