It COULD appear that FEMA was pushed out of the way by naming an incompetant director. This gap in disaster relief allows for the military to move in.

The southern coast of America could be under the control of the military by the end of this hurricane season. BushCo might want it that way.


The Militarisation of Disaster Relief
The response to the national disaster is not being coordinated by the civilian government out of Texas, but from a remote location and in accordance with military criteria.
US Northern Command Headquarters will directly control the movement of military personnel and hardware in the Gulf of Mexico. As in the case of Katrina, it will override the actions of civilian bodies.
Yet in this case, the entire operation is under the jurisdiction of the military rather than under that of FEMA.

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The prospect of martial law across North America is rising.
We could find ourselves giving free reign to USA forces within Canada, "if they so choose".

Such a move toward militarisation will no doubt bring on the resistance to the ol' "military-industrial complex". Corporate controlled Elitism might be a better name, but hey, whatever.

Prospect of Martial Law:
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Militarization of the US homeland:
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