Bush admin. perfect post-Katrina storm gaining strength

Bush administration's perfect post-Katrina storm gaining strength

Larry Chin | September 22 2005

According to the official version, the "incompetent" Bush administration bungled the Katrina relief effort. Wrong. This administration has gone about its business like the world-class gangsters that they are. They have, willfully and quite "competently," done all the things that really matter to them, and disregarded what does not.

Bush has been Bush. When Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi demanded that Bush fire (now-gone) FEMA chief Michael Brown, Bush blinked and answered, "Why should I do that? What has he done wrong?" He was being honest.

Contrary to initial reports suggesting that Dick Cheney was "out to lunch" during the hurricane, he was placing personal phone calls to Southern Pines Electric Power Association, ordering power restoration to Collins Pipeline, diverting power from rural hospitals and other local utilities in the process. Halliburton/Kellogg Brown & Root swept into the area soon afterwards, and so did Cheney. Cheney, doing what Cheney does.

Michael Brown has been Michael Brown. FEMA/Homeland Security has been FEMA/Homeland Security. Condoleeza Rice was shopping for expensive shoes. Of course she was.

If the past two weeks have not provided more than ample proof that this administration is delivering more hell in the wake of Katrina, Bush's speech provided smelly icing on a huge and rotten cake. In his speech, Bush said that he considers "detailed emergency planning to be a national security priority." Bush has ordered Homeland Security to conduct "reviews of emergency plans in every major city in America." And he has put the malignant Karl Rove in charge of the "reconstruction".

As noted in FEMA and Katrina: REX-84 Revisited and Dress Rehearsal for the Lockdown of America, Katrina has provided the perfect storm, the ideal dry run to finish what began with 9/11. This is tyranny's gift to you. To quote Bill Van Auken, "while no doubt incompetence and indifference played a major role, there is also strong evidence that aid was deliberately withheld by the White House and the Pentagon as part of a strategy for asserting unfettered military control over the city." Make that the entire country.

Consider the fact that the victims, the "refugees," have been sent to camps all over the country. Consider that these American citizens are literally military prisoners, not permitted to leave, or to receive outside help, their lives and families utterly destroyed. Journalists kept out, at gunpoint. This is the definition of cleansing, and it is not just ethnic.

Consider how, today, New Orleans is a militarized hell, teeming with mercenary thugs, and government agents. Dying, suffering people being intimidated. Military checkpoints. Twenty-four curfews. Just like Palestine. Just like Iraq. Right here, in the United States of America, right now. This is the plan (and it is a bipartisan one) for the management of post-Peak Oil America. For the management of you.

Just as disaster victims will not receive "relief" from this government, the rest of the American people will not get relief—of any kind—from a US political system that is, by function, criminalized. Those who fail to grasp this reality—all of it—are as guilty for the decline of this nation as the destroyers themselves.
Jo Canadian

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