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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Technology...a blessing and a curse
By Felicia (Fee) Benamon

Never in our nation's history have we been so blessed! I think back to even when I grew up (not long ago), we didn't have the Internet. There wasn't such a thing as a Palm Pilot, blackberry, I-POD, DVD, Laptop computer...I could go on and on. And the cell phones were HUGE! We have EVERYTHING today! TVs in our cars, endless choices of products to choose from in the store. I look at some of the technological advances today and thank God that they are available to us. But there are some advances I am really leery of.

Recently, former Health and Human Services Secretary Tommy Thompson announced that he will be getting an implanted microchip under his skin ( Tommy Thompson Gets Chip Implant ). The minute you place one of those things under your skin, say GOODBYE to your freedoms! With this chip, you will be easily tracked. I don't need a chip under my skin to function well in society. It makes me shiver, I would feel like of the US Government. I do not like to feel like I need to be dependent on anyone. Think, no more privacy! Satellites will be able to pinpoint your exact location if need be. Very freaky!

Apparently, there are some people who think this is a wonderful idea. That it is convenient. Not when I have all my personal information displayed right under my skin and I can be tracked. Many of us want smaller government. And this is one of the reasons why. It is a huge intrusion for the government to monitor and track every step you make. We the people of the United States want the freedom to govern ourselves, not have Big Brother watch us and tag us like a herd of cattle.

How much easier do we have to have it in our society? I do not want it to get to where we are so needy when it comes to technology that we cannot survive without it. Never become that needy!


RFID (Radio Frequency ID) technology is spreading like wildfire. Called the VeriChip, the chip that can be installed in humans and animals. But RFIDs can be used on any product, for any purpose. I have been tracking its progression and implementation for a while. Already, these chips are being used in most areas of our lives and we don't even know it:

FDA Approves Use of Chip in Patients

RFID, coming to a library near you | CNET

RFIDa - Walmart RFID Tag Requirements...

Big Brother Comes To WalMart

Parents Protest Student Computer ID Tags

Finger Scanning At Disney Parks Causes Concern

Those are just a few examples!

Now, when we touch on Homeland Security, I wonder to what degree are we willing to allow the government to peer into our lives to keep us safe? Is it necessary? Do we want to feel like every time we step outside our doors, we are being watched? Seems that we are headed that way ( Pressure on U.S. to Use More Surveillance ). The government should allow citizens to be in charge of their safety. Is the government advocating more safety, or is it about gaining and exerting more control over the masses?

Too much technology in our lives can cause us to be too dependant and not self-sufficient. We become too lazy and nonchalant. We become comfortable and let our guard down and are so quick to say "Hey, if this technology will protect us from future attacks, it is fine with me." But is all this an intrusion in our lives, or is it beneficial?

Can we go back to the days when we were bold, like our forefathers... "Don't tread on me!" An armed citizen is a safe one! With all this technology, the government may soon feel the need to get citizens to give up their guns. Uncle Sam will protect you! What did Charlton Heston say? "From my cold, dead hands!".

We should never allow terrorists to freak us out to the point that we need to track everybody. To alter our way of life. All we need is good old fashioned common sense.

Coming soon....

We are rapidly advancing toward the days when we will be pressured to get a microchip implanted under our skin. I'm telling you now, I don't want it.

It usually starts with news of the available chip. Then a recommendation. And before you know it, it becomes popular, then mandatory ( Oakland Requires ID Chips for Dogs ). They are being introduced to society at a snails pace, but will catch on sooner or later and you will have to make a decision. It's up to you. Weigh all the pros and cons in regards to this new technology before you slip a chip under your skin. To me, it's just not worth it.

These are HUGE developments that we are facing today people...and we will definitely smack headlong into it in the future. It's best to be informed of this technology beforehand so that you will not be caught off guard. Do some more research on the RFID may be surprised how it is used today, and how it will affect your life in the future. We hardly hear anything of it in the news. Another big flop from the mainstream media. As I always the research, decide. But remember that everything that seems like it's the best thing or solution, isn't. Think of consequences. Sometimes it's best to just keep things simple.

Technology, to a certain degree can be a blessing. But at some point, it has to be contained. Only you, the consumer has the power to decide how far technology should take us.

Felicia (Fee) Benamon
Jo Canadian

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