Who's next on the 'axis of evil' hitlist? [Commentary]

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Who's next on the 'axis of evil' hitlist?

Reuters: Protesters in London hold signs up protesting UK's involvement with the war on Iraq.


With waging war in full motion enraging Iraq, many people wonder how much longer it will be until the United States starts plans to take over Iran, a population of 60 million, and North Korea which [arguably] won the last war. Armed with nuclear missiles.

"The war in Iraq is just the beginning," Peres told Israel Channel One Television. "Problems of the first magnitude can be expected thereafter, as well: Iran, North Korea, and Libya.

Questions surrounding multiple front wars involving America have sprung up everywhere. Though the mainstream media has avoided the issue, Americans could face many more problems than they had originally anticipated. Among those could include terrorist attacks, nuclear wars, public dissent and some have even gone as far as saying a revolt in America it's self.

The problems don't stop there. Around the world, we have witnessed massive protests by the public in countries, most prominently: UK, United States, Germany, France, Finland, Denmark, Canada and Southeast Asian nations. There are also several countries against the war, who will do anything to stop it. Those include Russia, Germany and France as the most vocal.

Can the US overcome the International pressure and continue it's war [with the main aim] of Global government? Some say it's only a matter of time until the Americans control the world's richest oil fields and install puppet governments into the nations it [formerly] had troubles with.

"Saddam is not our main problem here, it's the Americans who are coming for our oil" says one Iraqi refugee, who's home was lost in the bombing raids of Baghdad by American forces.

In another development, so far no weapons of mass destruction have been found so far with the American advance into Iraq. Leading us to believe the American main agenda is not to protect it's self and Israel from attacks, but to install a puppet regime willing to sell American corporations oil at little or no cost.

Prospects of International support of American terror (as some may call it) look bleak. Pointing out we really don't know what's going to happen next in regards to [US President George W] Bush's agenda. Until then, we can only be informed by media sources as CNN, CTV, the CBC and others.

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I can tell you who it wont be - North Korea. The americans seem reluctant to take on any one that can actually fight back. The NK government has figured out how to blow holes in the US guise of getting rid of wmd. They openly admit to making nukes yet Bush makes no effort to go after them. Hell he is not even speaking about NK!!

Once Iraq is taken, and it will be in due time, Iran and Syria are right next door. Syria is a pitiful country when it comes to its military. Its an easy target and americas past aggressions would point to it being next. Israel would be pushing hardest for Syria to be next as well.

Iran is currently firing up an uranium enrichment reactor which can purify enough weapons grade material for a few bombs. They are quickly following the path of NK. They see clearly if you already have the bomb, you will not be attacked and actually ignored!

Syria has no such capabilities so that leads me IMHO to beleive they would be next. Bigger then that though is world reaction would explode if america tries yet again to go for an illegal and immoral war to assert its hegemony on the Middle East.
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It would not surprise me if Syria or any other defenseless country would be attacked by the US.

Unfortunately, they are quite known for being cowardly in modern warfare. Do you know most of these missiles and weapons they have (include all of their tanks and recon vehicles) are soviet-era technology? They are even pre-reform era soviet technology. Which means mostly pre-1980.

How can they be construed as a threat to the Americans and their allies if their weapons can barely even reach the outskirts of Israel?

Pure cowards!
If we are to believe america in its assertion that it is trying to pre-empt attacks by wmd on its citizens it should attack NK before Iraq.

Iraq has nothing it could have used on america, as the inspectors were very clearly showing before america went ahead with its dirty war.

NK on the other hand, booted out the UN inspectors, removed monitoring cameras and other such equipment and openly stated it would use its reactor to build weapons. It even dared america to attack!! Now how is Iraq more of a danger? Really someone explain this as the whole world wants to know!

Digging deeper into the hawks running the american government its easy to see why they want war - it makes the elitists, bankers, and money men fantastically rich!!

Did you know that each and every american state has to some degree an weapons manufacturing complex? Did you know that at a whopping $396 billion spent on the military in 2002, the United States will spend more than the next 25 countries combined?!

The main reason for this is - The G8 countries control economic and military alliances such as the World Trade Organization (WTO), NATO, and the International Monetary Fund. With this power they promote trade agreements that favour global corporations and military trade and production.

It gets worse - The U.S. in 1999 managed to control an eye-popping 64 percent of the global total of $51.6 billion in arms exports.

Worse still - One of the most troubling aspects of the arms-export industry is the impact it has on particularly vulnerable societies in the developing world. Between 1993 and 2000, arms deliveries to developing nations comprised 68 percent of all such deliveries worldwide. In 2000, the United States ranked first in arms exports to developing nations, accounting for almost half of all such deliveries.

Its easy to see why the Bush Cabal has pushed for this war. Its a massive cash grab bought and paid for with the blood and tax dollars of third world men, women and children and the american tax-payer.

No one is saying america does not have the right to defend itself, but its gone way beyond that.
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Who's next on the 'axis of evil' hitlist?
Any country that DOESN'T have WMD but has OIL.
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Quote: Originally Posted by Stretch

Who's next on the 'axis of evil' hitlist?
Any country that DOESN'T have WMD but has OIL.

Ahah! That's pretty much the size of it!

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