Israel taking part, yes or no?

Israeli-made missile found in Baghdad: Iraq state TV

BAGHDAD (AFP) Mar 23, 2003
An Israeli-made missile was found in Baghdad after US-led air bombardments of the capital, Iraqi state television charged Sunday.
"An Israeli-made missile was found among the missiles fired by the forces carrying out bombing raids on Baghdad," the television said.

A powerful explosion reverberated around the Iraqi capital early Sunday followed by anti-aircraft fire and more blasts after air raid warning sirens sounded, an AFP reporter said.

The first dull blast which occurred just after 9:00 a.m.followed a night of violent bombardment which briefly cut power to the southern suburbs where anti-aircraft gunners opened up.
Who knows what you will find over there... Probably anything from nuclear missles, dinasaur bones and nude picture os president bush.

Who knows what you will find when you clean out someone elses' closet... *nasty thought*

Baaaa baaaaaa

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