A few more words from Rex

The West has had some peace since the last great war, almost 70 years of it now. And we have had with that peace an astounding march of technological and material progress. Both tend to make people forgetful of worse times. It renders them careless of the foundations upon which peace is first secured and then maintained, and nourishes the delusion they are exempt from the horrors and perils that have been a constant in human affairs.


Rex Murphy: The mighty combustion of small events, and other lessons from the First World War | National Post

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That peace of course was war gainst the worlds little people for seventy years. Just add up the western weapons budgets spent crushing the wee ones and you'll understand where old slippery Rex king of crap comes from. What a hipocritical slob journalist.That would be peace bought with exported war.
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Oh the evil west and their weapons. Its nice to be able to engage in rhetoric that is anti west
in the west where those paid the price for those able to rant against the one who spent the
money on peace.
I enjoyed that sentence checked it twice and it does make sense.
Anyway we are living in a fools paradise believing we are living in peace. Since the first day of
911 we have been at war that ramps up slightly every week. We are at war and the majority
don't even know it. Someday soon it will spill over borders and perhaps in our own streets.
Peace does not exist and we are going to be in for a rude shock.

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