The silence of the mainstream media regarding the genocide against Iraqi Christians

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David Warren (external - login to view) on the silence of the mainstream media regarding the genocide against Iraqi Christians:
Here is a "thought experiment" for my remaining journalistic friends. It is an attempt to cast light by means of analogy. ("Now is the time when we juxtapose," as the adored Kate Macmillan likes to write at Small Dead Animals.) And let me remind the journalist-entertainers of the mainstream, that they do indeed have influence, in the aggregate, over the tenor of our society.
The area and population of the territory the "Caliphate" now controls in Syria and Iraq being currently roughly equal to that controlled by the government of Israel, let us imagine what the "coverage" would be, had the Israelis told all Muslims to run for their lives; had they announced that everything Muslims owned now belonged to the Israeli government; and that any Muslim still found within Israel's de facto borders after twenty-four hours would be put to the sword. Questions:
Do you think this story might make the front page?
Do you think the media would seek more information?
Do you think the matter might remain news for more than one day?
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Kim Kardashian's Dress - Small Dead Animals (external - login to view)

On news judgement : Essays in Idleness (external - login to view)
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Where's the outrage???!!!

oh, nevermind. Found it.
Under threat, Iraq's Christians flee city of Mosul- USA Today (external - login to view)

Iraq Christians Flee With Little More Than Clothes - ABC News (external - login to view)

Iraq's Waterless Christians: The Campaign to Expel a Religion - Businessweek (external - login to view)

Islamist Insurgents in Northern Iraq Threaten Christians - WSJ (external - login to view)

Iraqi Christians flee after Isis issue Mosul ultimatum - BBC News (external - login to view)

Iraqi Christians flee from Mosul after ISIS ultimatum: Covert to Islam, pay a tax or face death | National Post

Facing fines or death, Christians flee Mosul, Iraq - (external - login to view)

'They kill all Christians': Saskatoon man speaks to Iraq's turmoil - CBC News

Iraqi Christians Flee Mosul as ISIS Orders Them to Convert or Be Killed - NBC News (external - login to view)

The silence is deafening?
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Saddam was a bigger friend to Christians and the West than so many right wing delusionals believed. Had he still been in power there would be far greater stability in the Middle East. So much for the story of "Mission Accomplished".
Has Obama spoken out about the Islamic Caliphate's threats to Iraqi Christians?
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Obama is president of the United States and needs to concern himself with domestic affairs by correcting the mess created by Republicans. What goes on in Iraq is the business of prime minister Nouri al-Maliki.
Has Obama ceased to be the Leader of the Free World?
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Who declared him "leader" of the free world?

For that matter, who besides right wingers called him "Messiah"?
Quote: Originally Posted by LocutusView Post

let us imagine what the "coverage" would be, had the Israelis told all Muslims to run for their lives; had they announced that everything Muslims owned now belonged to the Israeli government

nothing to see here

Tracey Shelton (external - login to view)July 22, 2014 13:05
The Islamic State is kicking out Christians

QARAQOSH, Iraq — As hundreds of displaced families waited to register their names at the town seminary, it was the same appalling story told over and over.

“At the checkpoint they asked for our IDs,” said one man referring to Iraqi Identity cards that include religious denomination. “They said, “You are Nassarah [the Koranic name for Christians]. Give us your money, your cellphones, your jewelry and your car keys.”

Family after family described being searched — their pockets emptied of all belongings — and sent to walk out of Mosul with nothing but the clothes they wore.

“My 5-year-old grandson son was clutching his favorite toy,” said Inam, 55, still in tears. The child stood next to her in the grounds of the seminary, his face downcast and sad. “He said, ‘Please Sir, this is for me.’ This is a child, just a child, with a valueless toy. But the Islamic State man took it from his hands and said, ‘You are Christian, nothing is for you.”

When the Islamic State (IS) and its band of Sunni militants took over Mosul last month, the small Christian community of around 35,000 was fearful. For decades they had been the targets of bigoted violence that has so far forced more than half of Iraq’s Christian minority to flee. The Sunni takeover seemed bound to be one of their biggest threats yet. But the extremists made public statements assuring Christians they were welcome and had nothing to fear. Until last Thursday, these now displaced, homeless, and penniless families said IS had appeared to be honoring their words.

“They said they would not do anything to us. The situation had been normal,” said Lena, Inam’s daughter, who like all of the newly displaced Mosulites was afraid to give her full name. “But on Thursday men from IS came and began painting something on our house. We were too scared to go out until they left. There was a big ‘N’ for Nassarah — that’s what they call us — and then on another wall it said ‘This house belongs to the Islamic State.’”

Lena said they were so afraid that night they couldn’t sleep or eat at all. They began making plans to leave. Then came the ultimatum.
Some families said they received notices at their homes Thursday. Others had received Facebook messages or read the notice in the local papers. Then, late Thursday evening, the same chilling words were announced from the mosques and cars with loudspeakers that drove through the streets repeating the three choices: convert to Islam, pay a hefty ‘protection tax’ — a minimum of $250 per person per month, or “face the sword.”

By Friday morning the message changed — all Christians must leave the city by 12am Saturday or die.

Families packed their belongings and began a mass exodus. But as they reached the city limits, IS checkpoints stopped them, robbing them of all they owned.


The Islamic State is kicking out Christians | GlobalPost (external - login to view)
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Quote: Originally Posted by LocutusView Post

The Islamic State is kicking out Christians

The biggest irony in this situation is that many of these areas depend on Western technology, consultants, intellectual capital, etc that originate in nations that will not look kindly on this form of action.

I suspect that they will travel a road similar to that of Venezuela when Chavez embraced his form of intolerance... Different underlying reasons, but the net effect is the same.

... And like Venezuela, expect these countries to fast-track poverty, inflation and civil discord within their borders in short order
Christians are the most persecuted religious group in the world, but you wouldn't know it judging by the lack of coverage of it in the press.

It's the Muslims, as usual, who get all the sympathy.

The press are trying to get everyone to think that it's only poor little put upon Muslims who are "persecuted" by the evil Christians and Jews, judging by all the soppy coverage of hijab-clad women in Palestine crying and bearded Muslim men holding their annoying little Muslim kids as they "run for their lives."

Had the "Palestinians" (the Israelis and Jordanians are Palestinians too) been Christians and the Israelis been Muslims it'd warrant just a little snippet of a story on page 14 of a newspaper and be a minor story at the end of the ITV Ten O'Clock News just before the "And Finally..." bit.

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