Ukraine's Revolution Beyond the Chaos

Ukrainians have lately barreled across American headlines with a display of their Olympic-level Molotov cocktail tossing skills (external - login to view) and talent for fabricating catapults (external - login to view), provoking some to ask, what the hell is happening over there? While many (external - login to view) articles recapitulate (external - login to view) the basics—police are clashing with citizens who are protesting President Viktor Yanukovych's Kremlin-pressured (external - login to view) u-turn on an economic association deal with the European Union (E.U.)—scant are reports on the government's slipping grip on key demographics and the dynamic and unified opposition.

Central to understanding the significance of the “Euromaidan” movement (meaning (external - login to view) “European Square” and referring to the location where protests began in November), is a view of the nation's opposite geographical ends. Despite being mostly landlocked and about as flat as Kansas, “Ukraine” means (external - login to view) “borderlands,” as it has historically been a meeting point between east and west. A more literal translation of the name, and more illuminating for the precarious current events, would be “on the edge.”


Ukraine's Revolution Beyond the Chaos - (external - login to view)
" what the hell is happening over there?"

NATO's way of thanking Russia for all their help in Syria this last year.
Too bad they are using the same tactics they used in Libya and Syria. I'm sure more than a few people know the pattern by now, and how to stop it.
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We have to remember that world peace is not profitable for the elite. The tragedy is that the instigators create the opportunities that increases the bottom line for the free market systems that the masses covets.
Caught Red-Handed: Secret Tape Reveals US-backed Plot to Topple Ukraine’s Democratically-Elected President (external - login to view)
After the Olys Russian tanks will roll into Kyiv on behalf of the NG oligarchs.

Note to Putin beware of the
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After the Olys Russian tanks will roll into Kyiv on behalf of the NG oligarchs.

Note to Putin beware of the

The dippers are going to turn Russia to the far left?

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