Russian warships anchored off the eastern coast of the Mediterranean Sea to prepare the evacuation of Russians in the area, should the conflict in Gaza escalate, The Voice of Russia quoted a Russian Navy Command source on Friday.

“The detachment of combat ships of the Black Sea Fleet, including
the Guards missile cruiser Moskva,
the patrol ship Smetliviy,
large landing ships Novocherkassk and Saratov,
the sea tug MB-304 and
the big sea tanker Ivan Bubnov,
got the order to remain in the designated area of the Eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea for a possible evacuation of Russian citizens from the area of the Gaza strip in case of escalation of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict”, the spokesperson said.

He added that ship crew members will continue routine combat training, maintenance of equipment and weapons along with other military services.
. . . . .
In a letter to the U.N. Security Council, the Palestinian U.N. observer Riyad Mansour called the situation in Gaza "extremely fragile" and said Israel's cease-fire violations and other illegal actions risk undermining the calm that was just restored.

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Now, isn't that a dandy thing?! I love it! How many Russians are there to be evacuated? Thousands?
I hope Bibi Netanyahu appreciates the help!!