Syrian Rebels Appear to Capture Advanced MANPADS


The photograph above (external - login to view) shows a rebel with an apparently complete (tube, gripstock and battery) SA-16. Another photo shows another rebel with an apparently complete SA-24, one of the most advanced heat-seekers in the world. This might be the only time an SA-24 MANPADS has been photographed outside of state control.

Syrian Rebels Appear to Capture Advanced MANPADS. ... | THE GUN. (external - login to view)
Why don't they just use the ones NATO Supplied?
Is this from the same Government body that just set the rebels up as the ruling power over all of Syria,? Perhaps they have the same plan for Gaza.

French FM Heads to Israel to Obtain 'Ceasefire'

SourceAgence France Presse (external - login to view)

Syria isn't using aircraft, .. yet, neither will the other side any time soon.


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