Where does Europe get it's oil from now

With Europe's boycott of Iran and Saudi being the one who was to make up any shortfalls the explosions would seem to change that would it not? Who else can ship to Europe right now?

Explosions Destroy Saudi Oil Pipeline, Sends Oil Prices Soaring (external - login to view)
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Well, we know for certain that they won't be looking to Canada for any of that dirty tarsands oil.
Like we could ship to them yesterday. Apparently that is not the only line to go down today and the OP post has an update.

(in part)
Earlier, Zero Hedge (external - login to view) cited reports that a Saudi oil pipeline had exploded—both from Iranian Press TV as well as a blog titled The Arab Digest (external - login to view).
Immediately following Zero Hedge's report, the price of oil shot upwards, hitting $110 per barrel momentarily. That's the highest price of crude since May 4, 2011.
We think the reason that this headline had such an impact on markets is because the report that's generally being cited—that from The Arab Digest—suggests that the explosion is related to the Arab Spring protests:

Read more: UPDATE: Saudi Officials Deny Reports Of Pipeline Explosion After Crude Oil Hits $110, But We Have Photos That Could Tell A Different Story (external - login to view)

Attackers blow up gas pipeline in Egypt's Sinai - Yahoo! News (external - login to view)

Where does Europe get it's oil from

They best not get it from the North Sea. Scottish nationalists think that all the oil there belongs to Scotland.

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