I have satisfied internet speed in my country. But when I went on business trip to Korea and used it's internet service, My mind was changed. Returning home, I didn't like slower internet speed than
Korea's.I needed time to get used to original speed again. I heard Korea is remained as top in internet speed. The bandwidth of Korea is 14mps per second that is 7 times faster than 1.9mps an average of the world. I use some goods made in Korea like home appliances I'm quite satisfied with those things too. My friend said to me, AVATAR also used Korea's 3D technique and lately they succeeded in demonstrating 4G mobile communication(LTE-ad.) that is available to transfer 3D VIDEOS. I think, they could make ubiquitous society at first in the world considering it's current skills. if we can use speedy internet service like korea, Maybe everyday we can see this kind of fun stuffs more quickly.

YouTube - Ultimate Internet Speed of KOREA

i'm just kidding sorry everyone ~
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