I think that Canada may be a little too "Multicultural"

Nothing wrong with multi-culturalism, as long as it is not at the expense of the tax-payer.
if there's a group of people living together on one piece of land, there's bound to be diversity in race, religion, and customs. End of story.
I don't think there is something wrong with Canada being Multi Cultural. I know a man from this country and I think he is the best man I ever met.
I think people should travel a bit before making up their minds.

It's like Ronald Reagan's Dog Joke: An American dog, a Polish dog, and a Russian dog are talking.
The American dog says: If you're hungry, all you've got to do is bark loudly enough and, eventually, someone will give you some meat.

The Polish dog says: What's meat?

The Russian dog says: What's bark?


Our education system is essentially geared into making multiculturalism look like a blessing and even those, who grew up in the big city, are well accustomed to living with visible minorities and even I was a multiculturalist as I grew up rotating between Vancouver, the roughest parts of Surrey and Richmond, but on the other hand most Canadians do not know better and assume that multiculturalism is the best because it was the environment they happened to grew up under.

It's the samething for the Yanks who scream "USA #1", even though they dare not step out of the country because the Government is issuing travel warnings on every single country and frankly airplanes have a habit of crashing!

Even though myself, I was a classical case of stockholm sydrome as I grew up dealing with ethnic gangs, teachers who were quite fond of harassing me for being one of the few white kids in the school and even people on the street who would give me the wrong look as if I had less right to belong in Canada - yet at the sametime I thought everything was "ok" and even mistook the few acts of mercy for compassion.

Yet, I didn't quite realize how **** this all was until I went to homogenous countries in Europe that were safe, had a better functioning social net, had less crime in generalm et al. The funny thing is that most of the Canadians I met in European Hostels were from similiar backgrounds to my own and realized just how **** the situation is for young Canadians growing up in "hotel cities", where actual Canadians (below age of 30) are in the minority and often victims to widespread systemic abuse but otherwise are unable to reconcile what is happening to them. .
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