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Another place that could be considered is WIN (Women in Need) shelters in Edmonton. . WIN House (external - login to view)
Mission Statement; Edmonton Women's Shelter Ltd. exists to further non-violent relationships and environments for women with or without children. Edmonton Women's Shelter Ltd. (EWS), most commonly known as WIN House, is a non-profit agency.
They have 3 shelters. They accept Personal Items (Women & Children clothing, etc), Toiletries, Household Items (New and Gently Used), financial contributions.
A few times my parents have had an excessive amount of vegetables grow in their garden and they have donated these vegetables to WIN house, and these were graciously accepted.
WIN (Women in Need) used to also have a store, not sure if they do anymore. In northeast Edmonton. (Fort Road)

in Edmonton. . www.yess.org (external - login to view)... Youth Emergency Shelter Services
in Edmonton… www.terracentre.ca …Terra Centre. Terra Centre is a non-profit organization that has been serving pregnant and parenting teens in Edmonton since 1971. (It also has a school)
There are many smaller, ‘unknown’ organizations that need help. Doesn’t have to be one that’s phoning, knocking on your door, advertising on T.V. or sending you stuff in the mail. You just have to search around in your city.

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Both are valuable, there are definitely people suffering in our own communities, but I like to contribute 25% to children in 3rd world countries, who needs are even more urgent than our own. Many of them are within a day or two of starvation.

We already contribute 2% of our GDP to the UN to feed kids. If you want results donate your time.
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At the Salvation Army Territorial and Divisional Headquarters in Ontario the top 21 average incomes are over $145.000.00 per year, with the top getting $241.000.00 plus generous, cradle to grave, benefit plans - nearly as much as the Premier of Ontario.
In addition, there are many incomes over $100,000,00 which we call the "sunshine club". Most of these high income employees are Salvation Army officers or members.
It's outrageous that the Salvation Army pay themselves exorbitant sums of money designated to the poor and disadvantaged of society. This is an unconscionable misuse of charitable funds to line their own pockets and a serious breach of trust and betrayal. They are literally taking from the poor.

Does the salaries paid to employees come out of charitable donations?
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Does the salaries paid to employees come out of charitable donations?

Yes,they do...and some remarkable salaries are paid,too. I'm pleased to see the Feds finally revoking the charitable status of a few of the 80,000 charities registered in Canada.
There are often "charities" set up just outside my grocery store. One of them was for "Protecting Women from Violence"...when I asked the name of the local women's shelter,the lady at the table had no idea!! Seems she was from Toronto(we live 50 miles north) and was being paid to man the table !!
Take a gander at this one.......................Rose Charities Canada (external - login to view)

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