Canada produces the most beautiful trains in the world


Though it is now the world’s largest train manufacturer, Bombardier followed a haphazard route into the field. Joseph-Armand Bombardier founded the company in the 1940s, originally producing the Ski-Doo line of snowmobiles. His business’ success produced enough profit by 1971 to acquire Austria’s Lohnerwerke, which produced snowmobile engines and tram vehicles.

That acquisition was prescient as it allowed Bombardier to meet the challenges of the oil crisis by shifting much of its snowmobile manufacturing facilities over to train production. Its first major contract was a 1974 order for 423 cars for the metro in montreal, where the company is headquartered.

Since then, in addition to building an airplane business, Bombardier has slowly built up its rail operations through acquisitions, notably with the capstone 2001 purchase of ADtranz, a German company then owned by DaimlerChrysler. Now, the expanded Bombarider Transportation is headquartered in Berlin and produces a plurality of the world’s metros, tramways, and locomotives.

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By 2010, the ZEFIRO 250 – the world’s fastest sleeper – will transport China’s overnight travellers into new realms of comfort. A non-sleeper version will soon be available for this speed segment of the European market.

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The Bombardier Zefiro 380

Covering Every Need from 250 to 380 kph
The ZEFIRO portfolio redefines VHS rail travel and sets the standard for sustainable mobility – now and in the future. It ranges from a 250 kph sleeper to the world’s fastest series-production train at 380 kph.


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