How Long Before Women Are Considered Equal

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Personally I'd rather see women do what nature intended and that is to be the best mom possible with the full support of the dad and the community. There is absolutely nothing better for a nation than a strong family unit.

I could be mistaken, but from what I gathered of Vereya's post was that she was talking about people(whether they be male or female) that stay home because they don't want to work(such as Welfare Bums...people that can get a job, but choose not to and prefer to sponge off the taxpayers.) rather than a man or woman that stays at home to raise a family.

The person that stays at home to raise a family is just as important as a person working at their job. Make no mistake, raising a family is a job! Just ask my mom! LOL!
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if women still don't consider themselves equal in western countries..... then that is their own damn problem and fault.

I am not even going to try to explain my position to someone with this kind of attitude.
Women will be equal when they say so.!lol..I know 1 thing 4 sure..It's not up to men to decide...However , women will never be truly equal because they are different..

We should never lower the bar but must be careful to duck under it.. if we can't get over it..

I am a single father who was cheated on ..So I don't think I should respond any further on this subject...I will say, I love strong women who earned everything they have and live for more than the $$$$...

I don't like those who exploit weaknesses or inequalities as an excuse for under achieving....Not refering to any 1 labelled group in particular...

In our country I believe women have many opportunities..We all do and should count ourselves lucky...No matter who you are or what you look like..
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As far as the Hockey Hall of Fame, women have played hockey, what, 20 years at the most? Suddenly should there be same number of women in the Hockey Hall of Fame as men?

No but when it comes to deciding who gets in, it should be about what they have done for the game...not the NHL. Haley has done as much for the game over the last few years than any guy and having a separate category for her diminishes that.

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