47 million dollars everyone!!

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I remember I had gotten 4/7 on Super7 and all I got was $78. Why is there such a discrepency between the main prize and the lower prizes? It is hard getting 4 numbers on it, so why should the prize not be worth more? It irks me to no end.

And I hope you win SirFrancis.

Payout is lower on Super 7 but if I understand correctly odd are better to win.. I have not looked at how they do this but something on how they calculate the money allocated to payout. Hence 60% to players and 40 % them as example ( numbers just a example ).
Well folks, looks like my dreams aren't coming true! LOL If only?? We'll all have to hang tight, put our plans on hold and wait for the winnings, if and when it does happen!! Keep on dreaming!
Ron in Regina
HEY!!!! I WON!!!! Ten Bucks!!! But here's something that's weird...

It's easier (better odds) to win $10 than it is to win $5...

3 of 6 (for a $10 prize) the odds are 1:57
2 of 6 +Bonus (for a $5 prize) the odds are 1:81

With that in mind, you'd think that 3 of 6 numbers would be $5 and
2 of 6 +Bonus# would b a $10 prize...but it's not that way.

Odds for 4 of 6 #'s are 1:1,032 >>>>>>>>>>>>(Share of 9.00% of Pools Fund*)
Odds for 5 of 6 #'s are 1:55,491 >>>>>>>>>>>(Share of 4.75% of Pools Fund*)
Odds for 5 of 6 #'s +Bonus are 1:2,330,636 >>(Share of 5.75% of Pools Fund*)
Odds for 6 of 6 #'s are 1:13,983,816 >>>>>>> (Share of 80.50% of Pools Fund*)
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With that kind of moolah I think I can afford to give away a little bit of money.

Yes, but not to the Govt.

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