Policeman jailed for seven years for raping teenager

Policeman jailed for seven years for raping teenager
China National News
Tuesday 20th January, 2009

A Hong Kong police detective Tuesday began a seven-year jail term after being convicted of raping an 18-year-old girl.

Crime squad officer Choi Chai-him, 33, met the teenager over the internet and lured her to his home with the promise of downloading games onto her portable PlayStation games console.

The court was told that the married policeman began molesting her. When she resisted, she took her to his bedroom and raped her, Hong Kong's High Court was told.

A jury Monday found Choi guilty of rape by a majority verdict despite his claims that the teenager consented to sex when she went to his home in February last year.
From the US State Department.

"Sweden has a low crime rate with rare, but increasing, instances of violent crime. Most crimes involve the theft of personal property from cars or residences or in public areas. Pickpockets and purse-snatchers are becoming more prevalent. Many American citizens fall victim to these highly skilled thieves, especially at the main train stations in Stockholm and Gothenburg and during bus or train transit to and from airports. Do not put any bags containing valuables, such as your passport, down on the ground. Computer bags are particularly desirable. Pickpockets and purse-snatchers often work in pairs or groups with one distracting the victim while another grabs valuables. Often they operate in or near major tourist attractions such as Stockholm’s Old Town, restaurants, amusement parks, museums, bars, buses, long distance trains, subway trains, train and bus stations, and airports. Hotel breakfast rooms and lobbies attract professional, well-dressed thieves who blend in with guests and target purses and briefcases left unguarded by unsuspecting tourists and business travelers. Valuables should not be left in parked vehicles."

Wow, Sweden too! What's next, crime in Canada?
L Gilbert
I read a study that suggested that there is more crime in those places where the gap between the rich and everyone else there is wider. I believe it.
Anyway, a REAL policeman having sex with someone underage? Nooooooooooo, you are kidding.

Man charged in '70 murders suspect in '91 murders

Sydney policeman charged with assaulting woman > National > LIVENEWS.com.au (external - login to view)

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