Japan, Turkey, Poland, Mexico the Rising World Powers


Japan, Turkey, Poland, Mexico the Rising World Powers?
by: Research Recap January 16, 2009

Talk about taking the long view. Stratfor founder George Friedman takes a stab at predicting what the world will look like a hundred years from now in a provocative forthcoming book, The Next 100 Years.
Contrary to those who see the rise of China as the next major historical development, Friedman argues that the next century will continue to to be dominated by the United States.There are many who predict that China is the next challenger to the United States, not Russia. I donít agree with that view for three reasons. First, when you look at a map of China closely, you see that it is really a very isolated country physically. Second, China has not been a major naval power for centuries, and building a navy requires a long time not only to build ships but to create well-trained and experienced sailors.
Third, there is a deeper reason for not worrying about China. China is inherently unstable. Whenever it opens its borders to the outside world, the...

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What happened to Canada ?
Canada is a small nation with a population half the size of Britain's and a tenth that of the United States. If it were a member of the EU it would be only the seventh largest member state (after Germany, Britain, France, Italy, Spain and Poland).

Canada has a relatively small military with no nuclear weapons and mainly relies on the US for its defence, in a similar way to how the Republic of Ireland relies on Britain for its defence.

Canada is probably not going to be a major world power any time soon.
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Canada is probably not going to be a major world power any time soon.

That's what you think

L Gilbert
Back to the OP ...... I think it's awesome. Now if those countries would learn from their predecessor's mistakes, the planet will be better off.

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