Fresh from TIFF, Mickey Rourke is The Wrestler

Did anyone see this gem at TIFF? its pretty neat to see Rourke done up like this.
Darren Aronofski also directed Pi and Requiem For A Dream and this is his sports movie, complete with formulaic 'one last rematch' ending...

Back in the eighties, Randy “The Ram” Robinson was at the top of his game, but twenty five years later he finds himself forgotten at the end of the line. Mickey Rourke is an athlete with a lot of history in The Wrestler (external - login to view).

Tired, Randy Robinson must now fight younger men for money simply to survive in the sport. This is not the WWF professional wrestling where everything is play acting, but rather this is the bone crushing B circuit weekend matches where life hurts in painful untelevised fights in front of local crowds, screaming for real violence.

Its interesting to me that Mick Foley (aka Mankind) loved this expose movie and says so in this slash film article on The Wrestler (external - login to view).

Any other wrestling fans on here?
It got 100% on Rotten Tomatoes and for good reason. Rourke is outstanding in it and it really tells a great story about human nature and perseverance.
Aronofsky rocked this film. The monotonous tone and the ability for Rourke to NOT overact made this hollywood film more real than most. Aronofsky almost screwed up big time when he orignially casted Nicholas Cage as Randy the Ram. Thank heavens he met Rourke and changed his mind. Talk about overacting.

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