Seattle Lands a Women's Lingerie Football Team

Scott Free
Seattle Lands a Women's Lingerie Football Team

An offshoot of the uber-popular Lingerie Bowl halftime show that's appeared during Super Bowls past, there's now a fledgling league of extraordinary women who will play tackle football against one another (external - login to view)in their underwear. Tryouts for the Seattle team, the Mist, are this Friday at Greenlake, although official league play won't start for another year and games will be played indoors, ala arena football. Fully-clothed details after the jump. It'll be really interesting to see how this goes over in Seattle.

Horizon Productions requests your coverage of the Lingerie Football League’s (LFL) Seattle Mist mini-camp try-out on Friday, October 3rd at Greenlake Field. The Super Bowl halftime special called ‘Lingerie Bowl’ has become one of television’s most watched properties and apart of Super Bowl Sunday festivities for millions worldwide.

Due to the overall viewership/commercial success’ of the past Lingerie Bowls, a new professional football league has formed called the Lingerie Football League (LFL) with 10 franchises across the country which include Los Angeles, Phoenix, San Diego, Seattle, Dallas, Chicago, New England, Atlanta, Miami and Tampa.

Seattle will be home to the LFL’s Seattle Mist which will comprise of Seattle’s most attractive and athletic women. We will meet with hundreds of Seattle based women during Friday’s mini-camp and test the ladies through a series of football drills.

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I had a friend who loved football. She said she liked it for the tight ends. Maybe now I can get the same level of enjoyment out of the game?
Well thats something to occupy the minds of the dumbies south of the border....

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