Want to crack wife`s aol and yahoo password

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I wasn't aware the mods here were required to check with you before they exercised the discretion that they've been entrusted with.

His post was from way back in September, fubbleskag.
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His post was from way back in September, fubbleskag.

oh, didn't notice it was a revival thread.
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oh, didn't notice it was a revival thread.

Not a big deal. I've done it too.
Dail 911, explain your situation and the proper help will be on their way shortly. After the 30 day evaluation you should be on the right meds.
BTW did you think of asking her?
The OP was deleted. This makes the entire thread senseless.

I demand the thread be nuked. I just wasted twenty minutes trying to figure out what was going on.

How did the OP go and not the rest of the thread, subsequently made irrelevant?
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I honestly have no idea. It is a mystery to us all.
what is it with members here making demands as if they're entitled to anything by being here?
I'm confused

Is it a given pass here that no males on this forum have never played outside their marriage?

I didn't see anyone mentioning it .... and the stats are most players are the male partner.....sorry
Do you tend to find a difference in the reaction to a betrayal though Curio? I know quite a few women who've been cheated on. Most sit down, take stock, assess the marriage up until that point and see if working on it is worth it. Many find to indeed be worth it. But a man gets cheated on? Whoo!! Perhaps because it's not expected it's seen as much more base, more evil, more hurtful. The chances of repairing a marriage when the wife cheated are slim it seems. Even talking about a cheating wife they don't know, men turn rabid about it.
Agreed Karrie

I have no answers - it's the difference in the two sexes and the power of the loyalty I think.

Also nature (I am not making excuses) has provided males with a different impetus than women have - Women being the child carrier makes their investment much
more long term in their makeup and may handle their problem in a different way.

For men it seems a personal slam against their manhood...as if they can't keep their woman satisfied.

Nothing is fair and lucky is the couple who finds fidelity more attractive than wandering.
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