Greatest guitar solo of all time?

What is the best guitar solo of all time? I'd say it's the solo from "Free Bird" by Lynard Skynard.
I'd have to agree with you but keep in mind I haven't heard them all.
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lone wolf
I'm torn.... Free Bird or Stairway....
I saw Ted Nugent do an awesome solo back in 78
The technically best guitar solos aren't really found in classic rock. However, my vote for the all-time rock classic solo goes to someone who probably isn't close to being as technically sound as many great classic rock guitarists.

Terry Kath/Chicago - 25 or 6 to 4


This is a classic. Unique about it is it has two top classic rock solos in one song.

Ritchi Blackmore/Deep Purple - Highway Star


It would have to be stairway to heaven

and i say that reluctantly given how much this song has been overplayed.

i have been obsessed with this solo for quite some time and i do believe that it is in some way divinely of perhaps satanically inspired.

played on a 1959 telecaster-no not a double neck gibson ---it is perhaps the most ignimatic and iconic
minute of rock music ever recorded.

Even Jimmy page himself cannot REALLY reproduce it live.

You can get the tab for it note for note -and to play it --but its not the same

Its odd--very simple --pentatonic minor--a very typical rock scale -based meandering but for some
inexplicable reason its genius defyies analysis

i'm pretty sure page was on acid when he recorded it
Socrates the Greek
Ottmar Liebert's 'Nouveau Flamenco' favorite............. (external - login to view)
If you like something different but crazy.

Mahavishnu Orchestra - Meeting of the Spirits


Dexter Sinister
Go to YouTube and search for Outlaws, Green Grass & High Tides. There are several versions of the song, in several parts, of varying lengths, and they're all worth listening to. Some really superlative solos in there backed by a pounding rhythm section. Those guys are seriously under-rated.

playin "constipation rag" on one track on the slide git


playin "constipation rag" on another track on the mandolin

& youngest son

doin the lead guitar for all this great stuff.

failing that:..........if you can't find it on You Tube

check out Tommy Emmanuel on guitar boogie on you tube..........he's actually a bit better than us many many great fantastic pickers...........impossible to choose....
lone wolf
Should put it on the Tube Nugg.... Those times we make our own tunz down in the basement - complete with flubs, squeaks and pickchatter - are better than all the Slowhand, Atkins or Mascurri you can pay big bucks to hear ... 'cuz we make 'em ourselves....

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