Better band: AC/DC or Iron Maiden.

Similar music, maybe not exactly the same, but gimme your opinion on who's better.
AC/DC, people will remember their tunes unlike iron maidan. Iron Maidan were pioneers in the genre but they lacked the song writing ability of AC/DC
AC/DC all the way. I still enjoy hearing their songs, and will pick up their upcoming album.
I agree with DurkaDurka. AC/DC
LikewiseAnd the new release is as good as Back In Black.
Ron in Regina
AC/DC hands down!!! Even if they weren't just better, once you factor in the shear volume
of great songs and their longevity....AC/DC comes out on top.
I would have to agree with the others and say AC/DC.
I'm a fan of both, but AC/DC is ranks higher in my books.
Don't really like either...........
Scott Free
AC/DC but Iron Maiden had the better cover art.
It's nice that old people can still make popular music, it's just what we need, more forgettable tunes stuffing our heads with shrieking guitars and pounding drums and poetry of questionable guality. What happened to keyboards?
Heh, unquestionably AC/DC. Even the AC/DC parodies are better.

Dirt deeds done with sheep.
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