Who cares?

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But if you didn't care about anything, why would you care if you left this "Foresaken Place" or not? Apparently suicide or removing yourself out of the equation of life, would mean that you cared that you existed in a place you hate.... but if you hate it, then it's a level of caring regardless that is being expressed and you would have shown that you cared enough about yourself to remove yourself out of this "Foresaken Place" thereby countering the whole argument.

To me, when it comes to absolute carelessness in someone's life and how they live it.... it means absolute indifference.... you exist.... like a machine, or a computer doing it's everyday chores with no emotional impact on yourself..... you just exist and nothing more.

Yes, 'indifference', that's the one that's the most dangerous, as it contains 'nothing'.
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Suicide isn't an answer. It kills the people who care. Why give power to they who don't give a damn? Revenge is surviving and thriving and demonstrating just how much they didn't matter as much as they think.
Well everyone will have their day to die... might as well put up a fight. If not for yourself, then to make everyone else's life more difficult. Why should they get off easy?


I'd also like to add that when you're indifferent, you not only have no care of what happens to yourself, but those around you as well. Quite an unpredictable situation.
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IThe internet is immortality as well, since every word written down by anybody, anywhere is recorded down not just on servers hosting a forum or other web site, but in the memory cache of computers in every computer that opened that page, or perhaps saved that page or document on the internet..... so long as the internet survives, the majority of what anybody inputs into the internet will remain there for generations to come..... thereby allowing more people come across your input..... hince being more known then just by one person telling a vauge story about you once apon a time, where the person they're talking to will probably forget all about the story 3 mins later.

A scary idea...
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A scary idea...

Not really.... I mean, if the worst case scenario occurs, and humans nuke ourselves off the planet, or a big comment smacks half the world back to the stone ages.... deep underground, or under piles of rubble, will be hard drives encased in our computer towers and servers.

Some would be destroyed while other's won't..... but that vast information humans have collected in just the last number of decades, that are spread across the planet, will hold so much more information and details of our history, then any egyptian hieroglyph or pyramid ever could.

Movies, music, thoughts, concepts, theories, religion, science, emotions, history..... it's all right here and ever since humans took the internet main stream, we've changed the entire course of our evolution and perhaps secured a way to be remembered forever.

When things were first being sent through the internet, it was all done in bits & bytes.... then kilobytes.... soon megabytes, now we're downloading songs and movies by the gigabyte..... soon to be terabytes once the next generation of computers are released to the masses......

just think about the information tranfering then..... and beyond.

I don't considder the internet a scary place.... if anything.... it will live on beyond us humans if the worst case occurs..... it very well could be our only detailed legacy as a species, which explains who were were and why.

Just think thousands of years from now, aliens could visit our rubbled little planet, find these hard drives and some computers still intact and be able to watch all the YouTube videos they like......

Kum. I will explain some things. I know you all know about this. Just in case you forget, you can read my posts. Okay... It goes as follows:

People does remember the things that make an impact. The more a person care about somethings, the person is more likely to make an impact.

How to Care

This is the usual approach. People plan stuff for major situations. If a person can plan for the end of some hard issue like hunger, the person will make an impact. In order for people to plan, they need to think and read books. Training oneself to become a successful planner is boring, hard, and tideous.

People with the most caring heart and strongest determination combined with various skills can become a planner and a famous action person. Caring is the first step because people can set better obejectives and have a longer determination.

The actions are like planning. First, a person must care about what he or she is doing. Then, the person must somehow do the thing. This is a little bit different from planning. A person must have the physical abilities to do stuff like the cases of Olympic Athletes. They must respect their higher classes and still make sure what they get done is done. They must not screw up about their voodoos and still keep their personalities.

Smiles are symbolic like the Queen of England's hand wave. The caring smiles make people feel better. As to the impact, it is moderate. People will remember it and then they will forget.

The medium and the message are both important.
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