The term "streaking" was coined by a reporter for a local Washington DC news station as he watched a "mass nude run" take place at the University of Maryland (external - login to view) in 1973. That nude run had over 500 participants. As the collected mass of nude students exited Bel Air dorm with the lead runner using a flaming broom to part the 2000 plus crowd of spectators like the Red Sea, the reporter, who voice was broadcast live over the station via a pay phone connection exclaimed... "they are streaking past me right now. It's an incredible sight!" The next day it was out on the Associated Press wire as "streaking" and had nationwide coverage.

That's 35 years ago.

Something's wrong with this continent.

We don't see this streaking anymore.

Oh an occassional individual streaker at a sports event might flash by.

But the major bulk streaking of the 70s ?

Whazzzzzzzzzupppie with that ?
Streaking is pointless and it causes eye cancer.

If I want to see fat people running around drunk, I'll fire up youtube.
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We don't see this streaking anymore.
Whazzzzzzzzzupppie with that ?


We've just become so damn jaded. Nothing seems to thrill us anymore. Not even streaking.

<--- for anyone thinking I might be complaining about humanity again
Nah, it's just boring.... we need to amp it up a little bit more for the new meliminum.... we need to streak while having sex.

Sure the additional exertion might kill a few people (Running and Screwing at the same time) ~ But it'd sure get some attention.
Please remove your keyboard guy.


Back in the olden days while I was still single, I played rugby with a local club called the
leprechauns. Streaking wasn't something we did all the time but once in a while, the elected personage would go into the washroom of generally, a better class of eatery and strip off his clothes. Usually a friend would go with him to carry out his clothes out first in a shopping bag. The designated streaker would then casually smiling, wearing only sun glassses, walk out of the restaurant by the shortest route to the front door. Shortly there after, the streaker would jump into a waiting car which would squeal away while he put his clothes back on and we would go find another restaurant. Great fun for guys in their early twenties.........
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