VW Confirms 1L Concept Will Become Reality in 2010

Scott Free
VW Confirms 1L Concept Will Become Reality in 2010 (external - login to view)

Thereís been talk about the VW 1L concept (external - login to view) for years. Since VW built the original, fuel economy, safety, price, and release date has been speculated upon and argued about, and Iíd finally stopped thinking it was ever going to happen. However, according to VWís CEO, it should hit the market in 2010.
The VW 1L is so named because, in theory, it only consumes one liter of fuel per 100 kilometers traveled. For those of us in the US, this translates into about 235 MPG. Definitely far and above anything on the market currently. The concept, developed in 2002, actually got better fuel economy, scoring a sweet .89L/100km in VW testing. Itís likely to use more fuel in real world use, but with that kind of mileage in testing itís unlikely that anyone would complain about an ďunsatisfactory 200 MPG.Ē

The thing is, that kinda of fuel economy comes at the price of riding in an extremely small two seater, with the two seats being one in front of the other, a la jet plane, rather than a standard side by side. The 1L also looks frighteningly close to the ground, which is part of how it pulls off a drag coefficient of .159, much better than any current production vehicle. While the final design isnít done, VW will probably power the car with a 1 cyclinder diesel engine of displacement lower the .5 L, meaning the carís speed will top out at 120 km/h.
The other obvious issue is the one Iím sure youíre all wondering about too. How safe is this thing? While Iím not usually one to complain about small cars, the 1L is extremely light and low to the ground. If it were released in the US I could easily see it being run over by any old F150 or Hummer. Nothing is out right now about safety, but as the production date nears, Iím sure VW will be doing lots of testing to reassure the public.
2010 isnít that far off, in fact, itís about the same time the Volt is supposed to be hitting the streets, so youíll likely hear a lot more good and bad about this car in the coming months.
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Wow, if everyone started driving these oil companies would really have to charge a fortune to keep their profits up. How does 100.00/liter sound?
We could all go electric and charge them with solar panels- then they can go to hell.
Lester, that Volt that Chevrolet has invested alot of time and money on will be a plug-in hybrid. You can drive it as a fully electric car, or use gasoline to power the motor while recharging the batteries. Toyota made a Rav-4 EV(2002 model) when the California Air Resource board had a requirement for zero emissions vehicles. At 7 cents a kilowatt hour, it cost less than $3 to charge the batteries. And that $3 would get you 120-190 kilometers.

In the next five years, there will be a number of these plug-ins like the Volt, and some fully electric cars as well. They will go to hell, eventually.

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