Cyclone Nargis and Burma(Myanmar)

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I am from Burma currently residing in Victoria, BC.
You may know our country is became poorer and poorer day by day after Junta. In the meantime, the baddest of the worst is Cyclone hit our City Yangon and so-called Rice-pot "Delta" Region.
I am feeling very sad to see our people not only homeless also starvation and thirst, no electricity, no drinking water, no food.
The ruling government gave no serious prior notice about Cyclone, the biggest disaster after Tsunami.
That is why, if it is possible and if you wanna donate 1$ or 2$ for those our homeless and hopeless people, please kindly call to Canada UNICEF and please mention clearly that is for Myanmar(BURMA) Cyclone.
Thanks a lot for your kindness.

2200 Yonge St., Suite 1100
Toronto, Ontario
M4S 2C6
Or call toll free: 1-800-567-4483
Fax: 416-482-8035 (external - login to view)

For your kind reference:
news from
(external - login to view)

Samaritan's Purse Canada to aid Myanmar cyclone victims (external - login to view)

UN and NGOs rush to ready aid for Myanmar cyclone victims (external - login to view)

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Now we can also donate here,

please visit (external - login to view) or you can also donate from here (external - login to view) .
Thanks a lot for your kindness.
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Pls do not regard this one as spam. Cos' of stubborn and cruel government, death rate is increasing day by day.
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One photo site I found. That's too terrible.
Maybe now is the time for the people to sort out a regime change over there.
We are speechleess for what our government is doing right now.
Our people need help not only money also skilled persons from international because we do not have experience how to deal with such disaster.
Military government is killing its own people.
We cannot understand them, their idea, their view, their selfishness. But the truth is Crazy and Cruel government.
We do not know how to deal with them at all.
We hate them alot from the bottom of our hearts.
If somebody get an idea how to remove our crazy government, pls kindly share.
That is why, at present time, what we are doing is - we are trying to reach victims by ourself to provide their needs. Cos' there are NGOs running for people without taking any help from government. They are not doing politics since earlier times.

Thanks and Regards,
Photos Bodies aftermath.. (external - login to view)
warning: Pls do not go to the link if you do not have STRONG HEART.

Government = Killer
Youths (external - login to view) from Yangon went to there and help the starves. (external - login to view)

The Buddhist Monk (external - login to view) is helping the homeless. (external - login to view)

The military government is doing _ _ _ _ .

Real Cries

.... People have spoken out of their devastations.



Don't despair, Pannwe! Read here...


UN leaders allowed into hard-hit Burmese delta


More than two weeks after a powerful cyclone wreaked havoc on Burma, the country's military regime allowed the United Nations' humanitarian chief into the hardest-hit region on Monday.

Burma's military junta is softening and might accept aid from selected organizations. It's about time. They are clearly not able to deal with the catastrophe themselves. I think they fear for their power!
Actually Burma is like a sinking ship. Some are trying to help. But at last it will sink down to the sea.


A letter from Burma

Ever since UN try to help in Burma crisis last 20 years ago, But finally as result people are still suffering and junta is killing more and more.

At 2007 September, while Junta killed monks, it looks like UN is trying to help. But finally, thousand of monks disappear and illegal arresting are still keep on going until today. UN can't even make them delay of killing or preventing form illegal arrest.

As a Burmese people, we are Really want to know What's the meaning of UN in these days.

Now UN and Mr Ban Ki Moon will answer those questions again.

Quote: Originally Posted by pannweView Post

Actually Burma is like a sinking ship. Some are trying to help. But at last it will sink down to the sea.

It is very difficult to help your country. Any money will go to the Government. You don't let people come in and help. What shall the world do?

I saw the photos of all the dead people lying around everywhere. What a stench and deadly contamination that must be! How depressing for the people who survived, but lost their homes, their means of supporting themselves.

Why is your government against the monks? What have they done?
Quote: Originally Posted by UnforgivenView Post

Maybe now is the time for the people to sort out a regime change over there.

It is a military regime! How can the people organize and go against a military force? They themselves can't change the system. Help has to come from outside. Real help that is, not selfish and greedy people.

aid is coming!! Ten UN helicopters are allowed to bring supplies directly to the people in need . Also more aid workers will be allowed in.
British, French and American Navy ships are anchored close by and are waiting for permission to unload their aid goods.

The death toll is staggering! Some 78,000 are dead, but another 56,000 are still missing. I would think that those missing are mostly dead not yet found or counted in.
On top of that hundreds of thousands are homeless! (external - login to view)
Panwe, the pictures tell a horrible story. Lets hope your government will come to its senses soon and allow aid to flow freely.

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