Was our flag...

For those of you who can remember, was the flag that we now fly, adopted into law in 1965, the best choice of all the designs submitted?

Think about.
Thank You.

The flgg we have now is the Pearson Pennant. He rammed the legislation through parliament. Originally the two red panels were to be blue to represent the oceans but blue is not a Liberal colour.
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Pearson preferred the blue............

Birth of the Canadian flag (external - login to view)

The Great Canadian Flag Debate | CBC Archives

Some were really really bad...............
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If memory serves, I believe that Dief had a say in it, but don't quote me on that .

What the Hell was wrong with the Canadian Ensign?

That is what I would like to know.
I could have made a cool flag with a new Canadian Crest.... a moose boxing an eagle on the top, a beaver selling lumber to a speedy mexican mouse to the right, a politician paying money to the Queen on the left.......

..... and smack dab in the centre will be the Quebec flag in a jail window expressing they will never leave Canada.... MOOO HOOO HAW HAW HAW HAW HAW *Hack gag cough spit...* ugh... he he.... heh..
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What the Hell was wrong with the Canadian Ensign?

That is what I would like to know.

I guess because we wern't part of the Dominion anymore.... or as much a part of it as we were.
I like the canadian flag particularly because, unlike many other flags it's immediately recognisable
The Canadian flag is older than I am. And like Hermann said, it's immediately recognizable. The other designs on there are variants on other flag design, and take that moment to figure out what's different, which flag it is. For someone with say, a military background, that might be a snap, but, average Joe Blow on the street, not so much.

In today's global economy, 'branding' your country for export is almost as important as keeping your citizens happy. And Canada is branded. It's recognizable. It's distinctive.

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