Moving to Saskatchewan

hi everybody...
I am planning on moving to Regina or Saskatoon from Toronto but I am not to certain about which area of Regina/Saskatoon should I look forward too as I have never been to that city. The reason why I have choosen to take this step is to look for better employment. I am planning to take my family there with me. I would really appreciate if someone can help me figure out which is a good for living in the city and how is the public transportation system there? I am not to sure about the two cities so would you be able to tell me some pros and cons.
Thanks alot for any help coming this way.
Hi Ali, welcome to CC. That is a very big move that you are considering. I am from Saskatoon and I love that city. I recently moved to Lloydminster from Saskatoon but found that I missed it so much that now I still work in S'toon 4 days of the week!
S'toon is a beautiful city, and even though it is growing very quickly right now, it is still one of those places that you can easily get around.
The housing market is still going up so living isn't as affordable as it used to be. It also seems that rent prices are soaring as well and seem to be jumping every 4-5 months or so.
We have the University of Saskatchewan, kelsey campus and many community colleges.
As for public transportation we have the buses which aren't bad I don't think, but haven't used them in a while. A lot of people bike around Saskatoon and the city is getting a bit better with marking bike lanes.
I really can't tell you much about Regina but if you have more questions about Saskatoon let me know!
All the best!
Thanks Haz, I am acctually more concerned about the employment for students in the city and standard of education at University. As for the housing im preety sure its not as expensive as of Toronto. We pay $1300 for 2 bed and thats not even in downtown. What is the price range for rent in Saskatoon??
Thnks again for the replay
One thing that Saskatoon has a lot of is available jobs!! The fact that you want to work is pretty much all you need to get a job around here! Of course if you have a skill in a specific field then that is even better. I work in the veterinary field and we just hired a receptionist with no veterinary or medical education... the more I think about it the more it scares me, but there is just no one else. So like ours, businesses are are willing to train the right person!
Rent, well my friend rents a nice 2 bedroom apartment on the east side of the city, in Lakeview. When they moved in 1 and a half years ago their rent was $525.00 now it is $900.00 I guess that is not bad when compared to yours in Toronto, but when I think that my 2 bedroom townhouse with a garage is only $600 a month, it just seems ridiculous!
Now the U of S I guess is like any other university (FYI, I didn't go to the U of S) people I know that have gone and are going say somethings are great but some things aren't. In general Saskatoon has a certain pride when considering the uni, and we like think that it is an excellent educational institution but for more info in that area you may want to look for a forum with more u of s students that are able to give you more specific info.
thats it for now, later

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