Star Wars or Harry Potter: which series is better?

View Poll Results: Star Wars or Harry Potter: which series is better?
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Which series do you think is more interesting and a better watch: Star Wars or Harry Potter?
Never made it through either.... but I would like to rent all of the Harry Potter......someday......... um, soon.
I think Star Wars and Harry Potter were two different kinds of movies. I would compare Harry Potter maybe with Lord of the Rings. Star Wars was more of a Buck Rogers story, a sci fi adventure, while Harry Potter was a phantasy with magic and witches. Judged in their own catagories, I would say that Star Wars was superior, but that is just my opinion.
I wouldn't compare the two. Completely different genres, target audiences, and filmography.
I think both had too much hype for what they were and I don't really care for either.

Then why post Prax?

Because I'm a Star Trek guy Mooo Hooo Haw haw haw haa haa haaaaa

Well The Next Generation and Deep Space Nine anyways, the others were kinda crummy. They made you actually think about things, and it usually related to todays life situations and lessons/morals, and somewhat more realistic then the above. Star Wars was kinda just for eye candy and show back in the day. Even when I was really young I never got into it.

Harry Potter? Meh... I seen a movie or two, and just was too predictable and of course made for kids. I didn't see anything unique about the series that I haven't seen or heard in something else.
I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the Harry Potter books, I have read them so many times and every time is just as exciting!

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