Love Downunder
Her beauty glows in memories shade
To fill empty hours with joy undelayed
Yet her memory consists only of past tense
For her knowing glare I can no longer sense.

The Village
In this vast expanse Canada was made
"Sail into destiny", rings the resounding parade
Shall we shrink from this mighty escapade?
And lose our footing and become like marmalade?
Man's Passion, Man's Trap
The goal of man....love or life?
In life, an individual will encounter much strife
To fall in love is to remove this knife
Shall lifes pain be removed through the eyes of a wife?
Or does this merely brew yet more strife?
Ruut's Eyes
There we sat in Ben Gurion....eyes to eyes locked without disguise
Her eyes so beutiful, full of love.
Eyes like globes......eyes so inviting....
Eyes so innocent......surely not very fierce?
Aimed at my heart, they do pierce.
One glare became a stare....we did make a pair.
Her eyes became my orbit...in them my heart was knit
One eye at the clock, what a shock!
Life so unfair....love that was not to share.
__________________________________________________ ________
Elmari's Choice
"I know what you want to say"
That voice...accented in Afrikaans..
"Though we both teach at St.John's....."
In innocence she must say.....
"This love be in dissaray...
I've no choice but to go another way..."
Her choice made...my charm disarmed.
Is this the end?
How am I to contend....life follows many a trend.
__________________________________________________ ___