Problems accessing websites, anyone else?

I noticed starting yesterday, that I was having problems accessing a number of websites that I view regularly. Anyone else having problems? Examples of sites I can't visit, YouTube,, in fact almost all .org's from Environmental organizations and news websites.

Is there a problem on the web, or for some strange reason am I having problems on my end? It's frustrating
I don't seem to be having any problems T.

But then, I didn't realize there was an internet outside of debate forums. lol.
Tonington, try clearing your dns cache

start-run-cmd "ipconfig /flushdns"
Still the problems loading page. Now I'm checking Live OneCare, gahh!
try accessing the page from a google search... search "youtube" and click the hyperlink
I was reading several reports from websites last night that discuss the problem you're haveing. Google has begun censorship, HR-1955 is already beginning. These problems will get worse and worse as the leash is tightened on the net in accordance with that legislation. There will be a communications lock down imposed on the net the legislation in Britian Canada Austrailia and the USA will be enforced under domestic anti-terrorism acts. Fascism cannot survive open shareing of information. 1984, here it comes.

Google omitting from search results?
A few days ago one of our readers brought this curious detail to our attention. While searching for an article on Google, they discovered a problem with results from being consistently omitted from Google listings.
Read More... (external - login to view)
I can get there using the hyperlink, but the content won't load. And the hyperlink for the other sites doesn't work.

All the forums I visit come up no problem, it seems that any .org won't work, along with a handful of others.

Is it Anonymous???

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