karrie's first botched thread

So, I tried to merge the threads about the palestinians crossing the border into egypt, and mucked it up, merging the POSTS, instead of the THREADS.


If anyone cares to start one new thread on it, we'll try to sort out comments and get it back up and running, and delete my mistake before the boss shows up and fires me. my sincerest apologies.
BTW, the original thread can be found HERE (external - login to view)
And now I have to go and leave you fine folk to deal with my mess, because my kid just got hurt at school. Again, so sorry!!
lol Karrie - now you're officially broken in.... oh wait no you're not - first you have to hard delete an entire thread so it can never be recovered... like some other unnamed blued tinged mod did...

... but more importantly, how is your child?
She's fine... twisted her ankle good is all. But, she's walking gingerly on it already, and there's no real swelling to speak of.

I love her school so much... the teacher called, explained what happened, asked if I could come pick her up, and said she's have my son pulled from his class and waiting as well (because they're young and bus together and it was almost the end of the school day). It's so nice when the teachers are that considerate and know the student body that well.

Then, she phoned about an hour ago to check in and see how she was doing. Just lovely.
that is awesome karrie... one school our daughter went to.... neglected to call as they didn't think the cut across our daughters forehead requiring 4 stitches to close it was all that important...
I know a woman where I grew up, who got a call one day saying "Come pick your daughter up, she bumped her head and won't quit whining."

She showed up at the school, and freaked. Her daughter was white as a ghost, one pupil was completely dilated while the other was a pin prick, and she was fading in and out of consciousness. She had a skull fracture and was bleeding into her brain. She was flown to Edmonton, and spent weeks in the hospital.
I'm glad your girl is ok..... and that teacher who did that to your friend - I hope she aapologized for her insensitivity when she found out what all the "whining" was about.
I know a woman where I grew up, who got a call one day saying "Come pick your daughter up, she bumped her head "
Oh ya
she bumped her head
oh ya
she bumped her head wont stop whinin
come pick yer daughter up

I know a woman dressed in green
Heard she goes down like a submarine
oh ya
she bumped her head
oh ya
she bumped her head in the ;mornin
ya ya ya
she bumped her head

are we croool
oh ya
are we crool
oh ya
you ken die on the floor
then we call he doc
oh ya

we got antipsychoticantiestablishmenthonowenoyathefucwedo
bumped her head in the mornin
died in the afternooooooooon
heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy mamma
come pick yer dattttter up
ya ya ya

welllllll we is teachers
we teach rite from rong
(ya ya Ya)
wellllllllllllllllllllllllllll we is teachers
we teach rite from ronggggggggggggggggg do do d ah dah
if you be in our classss
yer *** be gone
do do do wop[ wo[ wo[


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