Beware of Kitty Kat Nite Club in Salem, Runaway Bay, Jamaica

My Husband and I have been to Jamaica 16 times both with our group that stays at an all inclusive hotel as well as with our children and rent a private villa.
This September we rented a private villa from a person we thought was a good friend of a friend.
The villa is right behind a nite club called the Kitty Kat Nite Club in Salem, Runaway Bay, Jamaica.
I am very sad to say that you must be very careful where you stay and who you think are your friends there.
We have been a very strong advocate of Jamaica for and getting people out of the all inclusive resorts to meet and experience the beautiful parts of Jamaica that you donít normally see in Jamaica.
I have to be very careful what I report as this is all now in court but want to make sure that nobody experiences what we have gone through.
The owner of the Kitty Kat Nite Club owns the villa behind as well and while there we had an attempted robbery by a staff member of the club. After this we went through 4 days of the owner and her staff members and another individual trying to extort $85,000 JM from us and then when trying to have locked us in her gate and told us we had a $100,000 JM bill and that we needed to pay that first. I insisted we go to court to prove this was fraudulent and then we had aprox $3000.00 CND worth of stuff taken from us. After we left we received death threats and the party was found guilty in court.
We were held over, with multiple court cases, for a total of over 6 weeks and we still need to return next year.
Because of many court cases around this situation at this establishment, that is all I can say at this time.
We strongly encourage people to stay far from this place as they also have gun men, thieves and other criminals in the place so it is defiantly not safe.
The Kitty Kat Night Club is right near the road that leads to Hedonism 3 on the North Coast of Jamaica.
If any largish sums of cash come my way,I''ll certainly take your advice Until that happy time, I remain freezing my rear off in this country.
Good post,thank you. I travel in Mexico at least once a year. If you are in Puerto Vallarta,beware of the no-name cafe. They will give you a bill that has your total half-way through with a line leading to the total and expected gratuity circled at the bottom.If you are not paying attention,you may end up paying the bottom amount plus gratuity. Also.I have found that it is always best to pay with a peso note that is closest to the amount charged,as many bars will bring you change for a 100 peso note when you gave thewm a 200 pexo note. Arguing is futile and not recommended.
The rest of the world has become so flaky I don't leave Canada any more.

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